• TACAL Charity

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    Did you know men are more likely NOT to talk about issues compared to women, did you know more women are diagnosed with stress, depression and anxiety, but more men committ suicide, this is due to men feeling embarrassed about talking, thinking they can handle this, looking at women and thinking she’s crying for nothing, I’m a man!!!!

    TACAL is a charity that’s here to help with well-being, loneliness, wellness, mental health, low self-esteem, anxiety and much more.

    We need your support, so we can help those in desperate need of help. 
    You can donate as little as you wish, every penny helps us save someone’s life.

    We set up this charity from past previous experiences, not just myself, but my wife and family and friends who I noticed suffering and some sadly doing something I didn’t wish to experience. 

    We are not frightened to talk about our issues and being at the point of wanting to end our lives, but we managed to pull through as we got help and spoke up about it. Without doing this I would not be here today and nor would my wife, we would be leaving two children very scared mentally for life and the circle continues 😢

    We now have a network of people around the U.K. helping and supporting TACAL.

    TACAL has grown so much since it began in March 2020 and it’s already gaining global awareness as we help people around the world with daily challenges. 

    But for charities to survive they need funding from donations, we have invested heavily in this charity as it’s so close to our hearts and it’s our goals to continue to invest when we retire, helping the millions of people around the world that need our support.

    All our volunteers work for free and we made a pledge with this charity when it began NOBODY will be paid wages as that defeats the object of our morals and what we set this charity up to be, we had this written in our constitution from the start, as every penny we receive we want to use to help those who need it most. 

    TACAL can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn  it stands for Text And Chat About Life please look us up. 

    Even £1 can help save someone’s life, please help support TACAL today ❤❤❤❤

    Donate To TACAL Today

  • British Library London Refurbishment

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    The Leather Repair Company London North East Office were trusted to work in the British Library!!! One of London’s most iconic buildings.

    The British library is the National library of the UK, its one of the worlds greatest libraries ever.

    The collection is even more impressive with over 150 million items in over 400 languages !! now that’s impressive and mind blowing.

    The British library began 1973 as a result of the government British Library Act 1972.

    The British Library commissioned a refurbishment of a section that opened to the public on the 25th October 2019.

    The Leather Repair Company London North East Office were given the contract to refurbish the seating area in conjunction with Forcia ltd.

    The leather repair company London North east team were given the contract to re furbish the seating areas and some were re upholstered bring them back to as good as new again, along with a refurbishment, deep cleaning and protection system applied to the balance of the seating areas.

    The Leather repair Company London North East office is very proud of this achievement to be given the opportunity to undertake such work at such an iconic British landmark in London.

    Michael from the Leather Repair Company London North East office said he was overwhelmed at the opportunity and honoured to be able to work in such a prestigious building in London.

    Restorers LRC undertake all types of commercial work from Leather Renovations, to Wood, Marble, Granite and UPVc

  • Leather Repair Company Edinburgh

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    The Leather Repair Company Opens up in Edinburgh.

    The franchise for the Leather Repair Company in Edinburgh is Run By Ian Kelly who can be contacted on 0131 341 6101.

    Ian has a wealth of experience in running companies over the years and is a great asset to the Restorers / Leather Repair Company brand.

    Ian provides a fully mobile service covering all of the Lothians and Edinburgh. Ian can carry out all types of leather cleaning services, repairs and restoration in your home or office.

    The Edinburgh franchise offers all types of repairs, from a simple tear in leather to pet scratches and full colour restoration.

    Contact Ian for all types of leather repairs to car interiors, furniture and jackets. edinburgh@prorestorers.co.uk tel 0131 341 6101

  • Leather Dictionary Launched

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    The Leather repair Company have launched a Leather Dictionary with all types of guides about leather and help.

    You can view all files on the Leather Dictionary with help guides and information all about leather, its history and how all leather types are made along with help guides to keep leather looking its best and restoring leather.

    The Leather Dictionary covers everything from Full Grain Leather to to artificial leathers like Artico in a Mercedes Benz.

    The Leather Dictionary Wiki site is packed full of documents to help you understand leather and gain fantastic knowledge about leather

    The Leather Dictionary is constantly growing all the time with new information and help guides.

    You can view all types of leather colours for cars allowing you to pick a colour for your car interior that’s exactly the same as when it was new all to OEM standards.

  • E – Learning Leather Repair Courses

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    The Leather Repair Company have launched E-Learning Leather repair Courses.

    You can now learn leather repairs without leaving your home or office.

    We understand how difficult it can be to get away from your own business or job to start a new trade or career, so the Leather Repair Company invented the worlds first e-learning training course for leather repairs.

    This allows you to craft your own future at a time and pace that fits around your busy life styles and schedules.

    Thee-learning course that is offered by the Leather Repair Company is a hands on training course along with a practical and written exam at the end , there are no time limits to completing this course and it can be done at your own pace.

    You can access a knowledge base of documents for further help and to grow your knowledge within the Leather Repair industry visit the wiki files

    .The course compete with a tester kit so you can carry out your exam and get to use some products and carry out repairs to complete the course and exam.

    The e-learning course is fully certificated and you gain access to a closed group of technicians around the world to ask questions and gain further details and access to training manuals and even more videos and guides.

  • Leather Cleaner

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    The best Leather Cleaner, used for cleaning leather with light and stubborn dirt and grime. Removes in ground dirt and stains, will also remove newspaper print, ink stains, and denim dye transfer.

    • Awarded one of the best Leather Cleaners in the UK by the world famous Detailers Magazine.
    • Quickly and easily cleans deep stubborn dirt from leather skin and grain
    • Works perfectly on Faux leather
    • The best Leather Cleaner for Classic Cars
    • Great for leatehr sofas, leatehr jackets, leateh car interiors
    Leather Cleaner Deep Cleans Leather

    When using the Leather Cleaner its always best to protect after cleaning with a leather protection cream, or a leather spray protector. This will stop all dirt and grime attacking your leather sofa or car seats in the future.

    The leather cleaner is a water-based leather cleaner making it perfect and safe for cleaning leather, works fantastic on light coloured leather and dark coloured leather.

    Leather cleaner works on shoes, handbags, leather jackets, designer handbags, car interiors and leather sofas.

    Leather Cleaner can be purchased online from https://shop.leatherrepaircompany.com/collections/leather-cleaner-protection/products/leather-cleaning-kit

  • Leather Repair Company London SE

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    The Leather Repair Company keep on expanding with its doors now open in London South East and serving areas of Kent and parts of Sussex, you can contact them on 07894 043629

    The team who runs this franchise has a wealth of experience of business management and repairs for all types of leather items.

    The Leather Repair Company in London South East can provide a fully mobile service coming directly to your home to carry out all repairs without the need to remove them from your home, providing you with a truly outstanding service.

    The team are able to carry out a great deal of repairs to furniture and car interiors, leather jackets and handbags, from a simple scratch, to tears, colour loss and full restorations including upholstery services, new springs, new foams and so much more.

    Leather Repair London South East Office provides a fully mobile service, they come to you at home or work, the team  is a very experienced leather technician, covering all of London and surrounding areas, like Kent, Sussex and many more areas.

    The Leather Repair London South East office contact the team on   07894 043629 londonse@leatherrepaircompany.com

    • Professional Services
    • Fully Trained Technicians
    • Leather Repair Berkshire
    • Over 30 Years Joint Experience
    • Leather Repair London South East
    • Scuffs Repaired
    • Colour Restored

    The team provides a great deal of different services from a deep clean and condition of all your leather items, to a full restoration service, repairing cat scratches, colour loss, sun fading, tears, burns and colour changes as well as colour restoration services.

    The service provided is fully mobile so all works can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

    All the products used are environmentally safe to use and most are water based products, the products being applied to your leather are the same products used in the tannery originally to colour and dye your leather, so you know your getting the best possible service  using the best possible products that are all manufactured here in the UK.

  • Leather Repair Company Hertfordshire

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    The Leather Repair Company are looking to find a franchisee in Hertfordshire.

    Are you driven to succeed?

    Want a fantastic future earning the money you can only dream of?

    The Leather Repair Company franchisees are regularly earning in excess of £50,000 per year.

    The Leather Repair Company in are a self-motivated company who can provide a fully mobile service coming directly to your home to carry out all repairs without the need to remove them from your property, providing you with a truly outstanding service.

    You are assured of the highest standard of training and ongoing business support.
    The backing of a team with a long and successful history in professional leather care, repair and restoration.

    Our unique systems and processes together with our own chemicals make us industry leaders in the UK’s leather care, repair and restorarion markets today.

    The LRC franchise offers a true opportunity to change your life for the better, providing you with a successful business that will grow year on year. 

    Unrivaled Training and Support

    Exclusive Territories 

    High Earnings Potential

    Nationwide advertising 
    Expert knowledge 
    The industries best training guaranteed 
    We DONT Take A Percentage Of Your Turnover or Your Profits
    You pay a standard low monthly management fee and that’s all that you pay

    A Leather Repair Company franchise is from only £10,000 plus vat – this includes all training, tools, equipment, massive chemicals package, uniforms, business stationery package, flyers, banners and so much more.

  • Luxury Watch Care Kit

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    Luxury care for your leather watch straps – Luxury Watch Care Kit

    Buying a watch isn’t an average purchase. It’s an investment in a classic timepiece. Making sure your timepiece is always kept in the best shape possible is essential.

    Restorers have developed this luxury leather cleaning, feeding and protection kit to ensure your leather watch straps are always in the best shape possible.

    Leather should be cleaned on a regular basis to make sure no dirt, grease, sweat or grime is building up to break down your luxury leather straps. That’s why Restorers developed this Luxury Watch Care Kit.

    Restorers developed the luxury leather care kit from age old recipes that back some 170 years. This was then perfected to work with old leather and leathers of today, giving your luxury leather straps the best food and protection possible.

    The care kit contains three items, a luxury leather cleaner with built in leather aromas, along with a leather protection spray to provide months of protection to stop dirt, grease, sweat or grime build up happening to your luxury timepiece. The luxury leather food feeds and nourishes the leather keeping it soft and supple at all times, stopping the leather straps from getting damaged and drying out, cracking and fading. Making sure your luxury watch strap lasts for years and years.

    The care kits are all made from natural products with no harsh chemicals and have been in development and testing for many years to ensure we deliver only the finest products known today to care for your luxury timepieces.

    It’s always best to keep your leather protected and cleaned every couple of months, this luxury care kit will last you a considerable time, keeping your leather straps like new always.

    These care kits can be bespoke made with your jewellery shop names on them or you can stock the care kits as is.

    You can purchase these products on line via our shop Luxury Watch Care Kit

    You can contact Restorers via email or telephone 44 (0) 1482 606864

    All goods can be shipped worldwide so you can take care of your luxury leather watch straps preserving them for the future.


    Luxury Care Kit for watches


    Luxury watch care kits for your luxury cars

    Luxury care for your watches

  • SAMS Model Cars 1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery

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    SAMS Model Cars 1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery Handcrafted in the UK.

    SAMS model cars have been around since 1990 and over the years have manufactured a large collection of scale model cars

    1/43rd Scale 1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery Limited Edition in Deep Maroon and two tone cream over pale green.

    All built by hand crafted in Engalnd by skilled craftsment,  including many extra separate small parts.

    Separate door handles, separate antenna, separate head lights, separate plastic head light lenses, separate hood ornament, separate rear lights, many chrome parts, superb detailing.

    Loads of chrome plated items, hood ornament, bumpers, door handles, steering wheel, mirrors and so much more.

    Two Colours available – Finished in deep maroon, with a grey interior / trim seats and cream over pale green, with a black interior / trim seats.

    Very strict limited edition world wide in these two colours.

    The detailing on these stunning 1/43rd scale models is outstanding.

    These models are made from white metal a mixture of tin and lead to produce the finest models around today and perfectly in scale to replicate the original vehicle.

    You can purchase all of these very limited collectors scale models directly from SAMS Model cars follow this link 1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery 

    1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery two tone

    1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery Deep Maroon

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