• Fund Raising Training

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    Just to let you all know my training is going very well, I am going to be doing a small test run soon on my push bike, just a 25 mile ride, as soon as I get the sponsorship forms I hope you can all sponsor me for this small bike ride, its all for charity for the kids, as they are our future and we must look after them now to guide them better in the future.

    What I can see about our children’s future is it’s nothing like what we have had as a life time, it’s going to be tough for the children of today when they are older. We must act now or generations may miss out of something very special.

    Don’t forget you can keep up to date on here or on twitter or face book, I am on all of them building awareness for my charity events,



  • On Face Book as well

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    I decided it was time I went on face book as well, I am going to raise this money for the local Kids Charity as I want to give the kids of our future something to look forward to, after all, they are our future and we must help them now.

    So join me on face book and help me raise this money my aim is £1 million pounds, we want new buildings and much more.



  • Now On Twitter

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    Just so that you all know we are now on Twitter as well.



  • Care Care & Detailing Products On Line www.detailersstore.com

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    I thought it was best to point you in the correct direction for all the Car Care & detailing Products we sell on line.

    Please visit www.detailersstore.com 

    This is our online ebay store where you will find all our products, from car care to window repairs and furniture repair items as well as clothing items.

    Good Luck.


  • Training For Charity Events

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    Hello To All.

    I have now employed the services and help of one of the countries most respected training and wellbeing instructors to train me for the big event next year, when I carry out my bike ride from Hull to Downing Street in London. Rich McKeating is a highly respected fitness instructor in North Ferriby near Hull and he is getting me fit ready for my big day.

    I will be during the next 12 months carrying out several small events to raise as much money as possible as I have set a target figure of £1 million. We are raising the money for local children’s charity as I believe they are our future and we must guide them now so they have a better future for all concerned.

    I will be doing several events during the year and we will be asking people to sponsor me for each event, I will be holding Charity Auction events as well to raise as much money as possible and to build awareness for my big day.

    I have already had some big prizes given to us to be auctioned at our first Charity Auction day, so far I have over £30,000 in prize values to be auctioned, so I am on target, if you want to pledge or donate please email us at bigideas@crystalcleangroup.com

    I want to thank all those already from the bottom of my heart and those who will also be donating gifts and money.


  • Fighting The Recession

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    There’s no doubt about it: Recession is here and we’re in the middle of it. And every day the media is showing you the worst of the worst. This can effect how you feel, day to day. The solution? A commitment to persistence.

    And no one is pretending it’s easy. It takes a certain amount of courage to keep your doors open when business is hard to get. It’s tempting to give in, and let it all fall apart. That’s the easy way out though.

    You know how business is a matter of finding out what people want rather than what they need, and then giving it to them.

    You know price is not an issue and it’s all about value. You know how to do all this, you have to be proactive.

    You know that if you turn your website into a lead-generation website rather than a ‘sales’ site you can improve your results by hundreds of per cent. Yet it takes courage and fortitude to “do it all” when everyone else is doing the opposite. It’s hard to plug away with your marketing when everyone else is cutting back.

    But, right now, this recession does represent a grand opportunity to anyone prepared to stand firm against fear, uncertainty and doubt. Advertising costs are at an all-time low, and all your competitors will have slashed their budgets and be running scared.

    There is no better time than right now to get proactive and offer your customers the best value in your industry, I don’t mean by cutting prices, I mean by showing your customers what you have to offer up and above your competitors.

    Now is the time to start networking with social groups of people, to offer your services to a much wider audience than ever before. The business is out there, but in today’s economic slow down you have to go out and get it, rather than wait for it to come to you.

    Your customers still have money and most still want what you have to sell… if only you can go that extra distance to show them the value in what you offer.

    I’m not talking about positive thinking. We’re backing this up with solid, advanced Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies. But the thing that’s going to get you to implement these strategies when everyone else is moaning is persistence. It always pays off.

    Eventually when you hit that “perfect balance” in your marketing, you’ll find you’ve cracked it – and your business will grow and grow, regardless of the economy.

    To get help on marketing issues visit www.yellowpiranha.com

    Best wishes


  • www.giveupthebonus.com

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    Lets all help John Prestcott and stop this happening if we all join in we can change the way these things happen in the future. I want everyone to click on this link and sign this petition to stop the banks getting these big fat cat bonuses.

    Its wrong, its out of order.

    the bankers caused our down turn,

    Now lets all join forces and cause the down turn of the bankers.


  • Detailer Training Courses

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    Crystal Clean’s National Training Centre for Vehicle Detailing, Valeting & Paint Correction is now open. www.detailertraining.com

    The purpose built unit is used to train people for all types of vehicle care from standard valeting to clay blocking a car to concours show conditions through to stone chip and scratch repairs.

    As professionals in the automotive industry for over 25 years we have always found the biggest problem that vehicle dealers have, is getting and keeping good quality valeter’s.

    We have some very exciting plans for the future for our training centre as well as other professional detailers we will be partnering with, along with car care manufacturers coming on board.

    News of the new exciting industry standard recognised body will also follow. Our aim is to get vehicle details all around the UK recognised for the professional job they do, not just a bucket and sponge person, doing this work on weekends for pocket money .

    www.detailertraining.com is the web site if you wish to book in and to find more details.


  • New Businesses / Ventures

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    Just thought I would let you know, we have a good few ventures up our sleeves, that will be put to the test very soon.

    We are still considering the fast food markets, after 3 years of looking and thinking about the fast food sector,  but we have the names of the companies already, (just to protect them) and even have the business plans done, with plans to franchise the companies, but we are looking at healthy food’s rather than burgers and kebabs, we want to offer people healthy living as I feel it’s a very important part of peoples lives, to give the public something healthy, at a cheaper price than food that is considered by critics as not so healthy.

    If you have a business idea you would like to share with us, please visit our site for more details, http://www.crystalcleangroup.com/got-a-big-idea.html

    Keep Smiling, You Only Live Once, Enjoy It.


  • Raising Money For Charity Again

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    Hi Folks,

    Just to let you know I have started my training for my next charity event, I plan on raising as much as possible for our chosen charities.

    It’s a long enduring test of going by push bike from East Yorkshire to London. Dates to be confirmed, keep checking back for more up-dates on what I will be doing and when.

    I will also be posting details on our forum www.detailersforum.com



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