• Leather Repair Company London Opens Up

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    The Leather Repair Company London Have Opened In London For All Your Leather Repairs.


    The Leather Repair Company keep on expanding with its doors now open in London and serving all areas of Essex and parts of Kent, you can contact them on 0203 797 1080

    Michael who runs this franchise has a wealth of experience of business management and repairs for all types of leather items.

    The Leather Repair Company in London can provide a fully mobile service coming directly to your home to carry out all repairs without the need to remove them from your home, providing you with a truly outstanding service.

    Michael is able to carry out a great deal of repairs to furniture and car interiors, leather jackets and handbags, from a simple scratch, to tears, colour loss and full restorations including upholstery services, new springs, new foams and so much more.

    Leather Repair London Office provides a fully mobile service, they come to you at home or work, Michael is a very experienced leather technician, covering all of London and surrounding areas, like Essex, Dartford and many more areas.

    The Leather Repair London office contact Michael on  07521 450 709 or 0203 797 1080 or  email the team pictures londonne@leatherrepaircompany.com

    • Unbeatable Prices
    • Professional Services
    • Fully Trained Technicians
    • Leather Repair London
    • Over 30 Years Experience
    • Leather Repair Essex
    • Scuffs Repaired
    • Colour Restored

    Michael provides a great deal of different services from a deep clean and condition of all your leather items, to a full restoration service, repairing cat scratches, colour loss, sun fading, tears, burns and colour changes as well as colour restoration services.

    The service provided is fully mobile so all works can be carried out in the comfort of your own home.

    All the products used are environmentally safe to use and most are water based products, the products being applied to your leather are the same products used in the tannery originally to colour and dye your leather, so you know your getting the best possible service  using the best possible products that are all manufactured here in the UK.


    car seat repair london

    leather repair company london deep cleaning leather


  • Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer

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    Leather Repair Company Launch The Finest Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer Ever.


    The Leather Repair Company have launched an outstanding product to clean and condition carpets, soft tops roofs and all types of fabrics, from handbags to clothing to remove stains and ground in dirt and grime..

    This carpet cleaner has been designed from years of research and testing to ensure it delivers the best results possible.

    The Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer is capable of removing the most stubborn dirt and grime and tests have shown it will even remove engine oils from carpets and fabrics, producing the finest outstanding results ever seen.

    Its a safe to use clear product that has powerful deep cleaning actions capable of removing the most ground in grime possible.

    Its a simple product to use and can be sprayed on to the items to be cleaned then left to dwell for a short period and simply wiped away or for even better results use a vacuum to suck up any fluid or dirt and grime for a fresh sparkling new look to your carpets, fabrics and soft top roofs, this Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer will even remove make up stains from handbag linings giving them a brand new fresh look and smell.

    The Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer will deep clean all types of soft top roofs on modern cars and classic cars, removing all sorts of years of ground in grime and mould from the surface, giving your soft top roof a brand new look with the soft top roof made brighter and fresher again just like new.

    You can contact the leather repair company by visiting the web site www.leatherrepaircompany.com/shop or call them on 01482 606864 for full details or to become a stockist of the range of care products they have to offer.

  • Leather Sofa Repairs

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    Leather Sofa Repairs


    The leather sofa repairs company provide a full nationwide service to carry out leather sofa repairs, wit fully qualified technicians all around the UK.

    The service is fully mobile along with workshops based around the UK, to undertake all types of repairs.

    Being so well known in the UK, its no wonder why the Leather Sofa repairs company is the go to company for all types of leather sofa repairs.

    This company offers a wide range of services as follows.

    • Scuff repairs
    • Tear repairs
    • Colour loss restorations
    • Cat scratches repaired
    • Spring replacements
    • Webbing replaced
    • Foam replacements

    The leather sofa repairs company has a wealth of experience in the furniture industry, over the last 30 years they have built up an enviable reputation, that is respected not just in the UK, but by clients around the globe.

    The leather sofa repairs company are one of the largest companies in the UK offering a fully mobile service, coming directly to peoples homes and places of work to carry out all types of leather and fabric restorations.

    The leather sofa repairs company don’t just work on leather sofas, they also work no fabric upholstery  carrying out repairs to all types of fabric goods.

    The leather sofa repairs company have thousands of shades of fabric swatches to pick from and thousands of leather colours to pick from.

    The leather sofa repairs company can even change the colour of your leather sofa, so if you fancied a change in colour for your leather sofa to go with your new colour scheme in your home or office, this company can carry out this work, saving your thousands on replacing items.

    The leather sofa repairs company believe its far better to  recycle an old item that’s already in great shape than to replace it, saving the clients thousands of pounds in the process.

    You can contact the Leather Sofa Repairs Company as follows.

    Tel 0845 257 2820



  • DIY Leather Repair

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    It is no wonder why Apple is the biggest phone company in the world,

    It’s also no wonder why Real Madrid is the biggest football team in the world,


    It is no wonder why Leather Repair Company is the go to company for all things leather…

    All of them are ultimately run by individuals, but they all have several things in common…


    They all have a winning mentality, they all have a team of experts around them, they all do their extreme best for the “customers” and most importantly, all of them constantly outperform and outgrow themselves and their competition.

    The reasons for that are simple,

    • The winning mentality comes naturally but the awards reinforce it.
    • Teamwork results in an effortless business harmony.
    • Customer service is a must for referrals and repeat business.
    • Growth is addictive, but like the best wines… it took time to get it right!

    The Leather Repair Company is no small outfit, started in 2005 by Richard Hutchins, with his visions and little voices in his head it has steadily grown in services, staff, awards, floor space, merchandise and now into franchising. Yes that’s right, this business model is so good and the growth so impressive that Richard has been allowed to replicate this route to success.

    Having over 30 years’ experience IN leather and also 30 years working WITH leather Richard is the unique backbone of the business, but his enthusiasm, drive, and relentless professionalism never gets old, it becomes reassuring, and proof that his madness is what makes it work so well is evident… it is transferred, instilled and portrayed by all those in his team and those who own Leather Repair Company franchises.

    If you have any questions about leather… what so ever, or would like to know more about a career/business prospects then get in touch, you can speak to anybody at LRC and they will give you the full uncut version of what the company is really like including a fun-to-read psychiatric evaluation of Richard, Also they will help further your research into what the industry is like and to help you understand if its right for you!

    Any leather interests you may have, TeamLRC are a must have in your phone book or web browser.


  • Franchise For Ex Service Man & Women

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    Leather Repair Company Starts Offering Ex Service Men and Women Franchises With Incentives


    The leather repair company owners have started a package just for ex service men and women wanting a change of career and to help them back in to normal society after years of dedicated services to the state fighting on the front line to defend our country.

    The leather repair company normal franchise fee is £15,000 plus vat at the prevailing rate, then the monthly management fee is set at £250 per month plus vat, there are no other hidden costs.

    Isn’t it time you took the leap and started earning the money you’ve always dreamed of?

    Well at the Leather Repair Company we can give you the franchise to succeed. You get full training, sales leads and access to the very best products on the market.

    With work hours to suit you and possible earnings of excess of £50k a year it’s easy to see why we’re one of the countries fastest growing franchises.

    If you want to know more about how you can make people happy and change your future for the better then why not drop us a line today and make that change.

    The Leather Repair Company want to give something back to these outstanding people and are offering them the opportunity to become a franchise owner of the fastest growing network of franchises in the UK in the last 10 years.

    Hutchins (CEO of the Leather Repair Company said, ” I want to give back to society something to those who have defended our country for many years, we are offering them the opportunity of a franchise at just £10,000 plus vat and a monthly management fee of just £200 per month”

    Hutchins has started that the company is set for even more rapid growth over the next few years and has had a huge influx of inquiries since announcing this initiative for ex service men and women.

    Its a fantastic opportunity for ex service men and women to gain a franchise t a greatly reduced rate.

    The leather repair company provide a mobile based and factory / workshop based business in the UK and are soon to be expanding internationally in to Europe fir st of all then in to the USA as America needs a company who can provide quality repairs and products at affordable prices.

    If any ex service men and women are looking for a fantastic investment opportunity with the potential to earn in excess of £50,000 per year working only part time if they wanted then they can contact the company on  01482 606864  or by email to info@leatherrepaircompany.com

    The company is set to expand its UK based operations in a big way in 2016 / 2016 and is looking to recruit as many ex service men and women as possible.

    The company is able to provide all sorts of help and advice, from business management, accounts set up, business mentoring services, social media help and guidance



  • Leather Repair Company Harrogate Opens

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    The Leather Repair Company Expands Once Again With A New Franchise Opening In Harrogate

    The UK’s fastest growing franchise growing franchise company opens another franchise this time in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

    The types of services that can be carried out on leather sofas, car interiors, furniture, handbags, clothing and more is as follows,

    • Colour loss to leather sofas
    • Cat scratches to Leather Sofas
    • Tears and Rips to leather sofas
    • Scratches to leather sofas
    • Colour changes to leather sofas

    Highly skilled craftsmen come to your home or place of work to carry out all types of repairs at affordable prices.

    The leather repair company Harrogate can take on all aspects of repairs to all types of leather goods.

    Most repairs to leather are based upon the surface being loss of colour, split, rough or cracked. The key to making perfect repairs is the preparation, making the repairs carried out blend in seamlessly with the surrounding areas. The leather repair company Harrogate are leading experts when it come to taking care of your leather items.

    The leather repair company Harrogate has extensive knowledge and experience in leather repair issues, being able to resolve all the problems you may have on your leather items. The leather repair company Harrogate are a local company for local people offering free collection and delivery services within the local areas.

    Attention To Detail

    Depending on your bespoke requirements, the exhaustive makeover routine comprises of removing items, like linings from jackets and handbags to ensure a deep clean and condition is carried out to the finest detail, All items that come in for cleaning undergo a painstaking cleaning system, that enables them to deliver to you only the highest service possible, not matched by any other. All leather items are painstakingly repaired and restored using the extensive range of Leather Repair Company products and systems.

    You can contact them directly on harrogate@leatherrepaircompany.com Tel: 07437 401203

  • The Dangers Of Using Saddle Soap On Leather Items.

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    Can I use saddle soap?

    We get asked a great deal can I use saddle soap on my leather jacket, car interior, leather furniture and handbags – simply put NO – here’s why.

    Saddle soap is made in many different ways depending on the manufacturer, but the important factor with saddle soap is the Lye content, Lye is highly soluble in water producing caustic solutions.

    Lye has many meanings and names, sodium hydroxide is one of them, caustic soda is another, its main characteristics is a solid white compound and it’s highly caustic. Just the words highly caustic should be enough to put you off using this on your beautiful leather jackets, furniture, car interior or handbags, these items require more specialist products to clean and care for leather.

    Sodium hydroxide is used in many industries, mostly as a strong chemical base in the manufacture of pulp and paper, textiles, drinking water, soaps and detergents and as a drain cleaner. This alkali is deliquescent and readily absorbs moisture, moisture is what is needed in your leather items to keep them nice soft and supple. Without this they will dry up, crack, split and deteriorate much faster than using products produced for these applications.

    Saddle soap and similar soft soaps are strong alkaline base with a pH of 10 or above. When treated regularly with saddle soap, leather will gradually change from its normally state to alkaline. This pH change will cause the leather to harden, darken, and weaken its structure.

    The thick, fatty lather of saddle soap is difficult to rinse completely from crevices and folds, causing all types of problems and issues, turning to a horrible crusty white base and difficult to remove from such fine leather as found on leather jackets and handbags.

    An accumulation of dried saddle soap in grain structure areas will cause the leather to deteriorate even faster, due to the growth of mould / mold, the accumulation of gritty dirt, and the changes in the pH.

    Prior to the commercial product of today’s saddles soaps, when all saddle soaps were handmade some added pumpkin to create an orange coloured substance; others used dyes for different colours of leathers. These old remedies often included items such as beeswax, soap shavings, water and a corrosive substance called lye or caustic soda. The latter is still used as a cleaning agent today and as an ingredient in soap making Neatsfoot oil, which we can still buy today, is often a component of saddle soap and interestingly, it was originally derived from the legs and feet of cattle. Nowadays it is usually made from lard and often has soya oil or rapeseed oil added. Mink oil was another rather unsavoury component of saddle soap, derived from the oil stored beneath the skin of the mink.

    Leather furniture is also manufactured in a different process to saddle leathers and again, you can’t use saddle soap on leather furniture.

    The reason for this difference is saddle leather or belt leathers as some will call it, are a veg tanned process, this process allows them to be tougher and withstand the harsh conditions of outside use. Furniture leathers are manufactured using a chromium chemistry method, the difference is this provides the leather with a soft supple texture and is not as tough as any form of veg tanned leathers. Saddle leathers are normally extremely thick producing a very tough hard leather in any event.

    Due to saddle soaps caustic natures this just causes the leather to dry out, imagine using harsh chemicals on your own skin for long periods of time, your skin will dry, crack, split and become infected, this is exactly what will happen to your fine leathers found in today’s cars, on leather furniture, handbags and clothing.

    For the correct professional advice contact us for further details, help and guidance on leather care or email us directly info@leatherrepaircompany.com

  • This Exploding English Leather Repair Brand Could Take Over The World Of Leather Care

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    An active brand with a with an almost cult like following in England, is planning a massive global expansion. Richard Hutchins is planning its size in England, before going fully global with offices in the USA.

    Hutchins told us that the company has the second largest range of leather care and repair products in the world and intends to make this known very quickly globally.

    According to financials for the company they reported an increase in turnover by 49.765% in 2012 and the 2013 figures look to show another huge growth pattern of around 53% increase.

    Hutchins pictured here at the head office of the Leather Repair Company

    Hutchins is Leather Repair Company’s chief executive and the face of the company. Hutchins saying is “I Dream About My Work Then I Restore My Dreams”

    The company sells all forms of leather care and repair products, to maintain and repair leather and vinyl items, like car interiors, boats, planes, yachts, furniture, jackets, shoes and handbags. At an average price of £15

    ” we sell three times more than many of our competitors and we been around longer than any other company today. We are a sleeping giant tucked away on the coast in Yorkshire, England and we weren’t shouting it to the world. But this is all about to change.”

    He founded the company 30 years ago, when he was working for a company who owned a private collection of 150 classic cars, working on the cars all the time, friends and family members soon started to ask Hutchins if he could do work for them maintaining leather furniture, cars and jackets and he soon decided start his own brand Leather Repair Company offering leather repairs to customers, that’s when Leather Repair Company the brand was born.

    Hutchins still considers himself as a products developer that’s why the company still offers many new products per quarter.

    ” The brand is my life and everything about its quality and the brands image is just me, Hutchins quietly mummers”

    Leather Repair Company’s biggest presence is in England where it has three factory sites, two in Yorkshire and one in Northumberland.

    In the USA, the Leather Repair Company is just about to open its first outlet in Texas, making the brand the largest of its kind in the world, Leather Repair Company is then looking to open more sites in Europe, once the US, is established over the next 24 months.

    Leather Repair company continues it’s expansion in England, with its accreditation of the IMI Awards and the VBRA, the only company in  England in leather repairs to be approved as an official training centre for leather repairs.

  • Steam Cleaning Leather

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    Steam Cleaning Leather !!!!!!

    We have been asked a few times about this and if its safe, we have always said we have never done it so I can’t say for sure,

    So decided to carry out some tests to give you some feedback on the pros and cons.

    But we have been doing some very extensive testing on leather and its a killer.

    We have carried out tests on many different types and styles.

    Car interiors should not be cleaned in this way at all Detailers & Valeters Leather

    Couches should not be cleaned in this way for all your Cleaners


    Some Of The Results We Found Were As Follows

    1/ It added too much moisture into the leather causing it to swell

    2/ When dried out it went hard

    3/ Caused damage to the painted surface, breaking down the surface top coat colour

    4/ Caused mold and bacteria to grow within the leather as its traps moisture

    5/ Bacteria grows and causes a bad odour and smell.

    You will find using a professional cleaner like our Premium Leather Cleaner and our Premium Foam Cleaner well be far more beneficial than anything else on the market. Its imperative you use the correct [products on leather, steam cleaning is not the way forward at all.

    We found after doing a great deal of testing that it even took off the coloured surface on some car interiors leather and some couches got so badly damaged you would not believe your eyes. If you are looking for advice on leather care and cleaning please do get in touch and share this post as much as you can as a lot of people are going to get big problems using a steam cleaner on leather.

    If you want to know the ins and outs of leather care and cleaning please contact us or come on one of our free leather repair open days. ‪

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  • Leather Repair Company Training Centre Hull

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    Care and Repair

    Leather Repair Company Training Centre Hull

    A relentless dedication to detail keeps the Leather Repair Companies Richard Hutchins motivated in the search for the perfect leather finish.

    On entering Leather Repair Companies Hull training and repair centre is an unusual experience if you’re accustomed to the usual smells from workshops, with the ambience of chemicals, oils and solvents around you, along with other potent harsh chemicals.

    Instead the air is filled with the beautiful aroma and scents of leather and a fresh clean smell of natural cleaning solutions used in the leather cleaning industry.  This is all made up from the beautiful smells and scents of the Leather Repair Companies range of cleaning and care products all hand crafted from its head office a little further down the road to the wonderful town of Withernsea on the coast.

    All the products are hand crafted to the finest detail and ingredients by Richard Hutchins himself to ensure the quality is the finest possible on the market.

    Richard Hutchins philosophy is rather different to that of a bob-a-job boy doing some work for a week to earn some money for sweets, with his dirty rags and harsh solvent chemicals. Special leather requires special care and expert assessment and attention says Richard Hutchins. If you’re leather is overdue a clean and brush-up then companies like the Leather Repair Company are only too happy to help.

    “We’re not a cleaning company” insists Richard as he outlines the Leather Repair Company raison d’être. “We are in the business of the finest care and protection, rather than a quick wipe over with a wet damp rag in the way most normal people would. We take note of every detail and remove all the blemishes, scratches and markings and take the items apart to fully clean them and restore them to enable professional cleaning to take place behind in the areas you can’t even see, generally trying to make it as good as,  if not better than new. We are here to train people how to care and restore leather the experts way and we are responsible for so many companies around the world today who have been to us for training courses”

    Attention To Detail

    Depending on your bespoke requirements, the exhaustive makeover routine comprises of removing items, like linings from jackets and handbags to ensure a deep clean and condition is carried out to the finest detail, All items that come in for cleaning undergo a painstaking cleaning system, that enables them to deliver to you only the highest service possible, not matched by any other. All leather items are painstakingly repaired and restored using the extensive range of Leather Repair Company products and systems. It’s a time consuming process and one that requires considerable expenditure as Richard freely admits. “It can be expensive but you get what you pay for,” he argues, “and afterwards there’s minimal time needed to keep your leather items looking its finest and maintained. Saving owners a great deal of time and effort and you’re getting expert advice and a professional service that can resolve many issues that inexperienced hands could actually make worse. The protection that’s applied to your leather items will work for a very long time.

    Richard’s clients are a diverse bunch of folks, from all countries around the world, ranging from private individuals, to restoration companies, through to company owners, designers and TV celebrities. Keeping clients up to date with the progress of all works is an important part of Richard’s success in the leather industry, one he prides himself on. Clients can request progress reports as often as they wish, something Richard is more than willing to undertake, Richard states, “keeping clients in the know on items is extremely important, when considering some items have huge sentimental value as well as very high monetary values, we’re in constant contact with clients to make them feel happy and secure about entrusting such precious items with me,” says Richard, “We send as much information as we can as often as we can”

    The Leather Repair Company doesn’t just clean and repair cars leather interiors, we handle an amazing array of objects, designer clothing, handbags, furniture, desks, music cases, golf bags, phone cases, and even famous tour busses,  yachts and helicopters. Richard’s a huge fan of leather it all began when he was a wee lad of just 14 after going to the USA and meeting some people who introduced him to the world of classic cars and the Harrah’s museum.

    On taking a look around the training centre and studios I noticed some amazing artwork sketched onto leather, upon asking Richard what this was, I was blown away, Richard states, “This is a new company I have started called Sketched Leather, this is art on leather, we can within reason hand craft any design on leather for clients around the world, this was born out of a passion to excel in every way possible, by offering clients something very different and very unique that no other offers,” says Richard. “Can you imagine the looks you’ll get with a finely crafted zip hand drawn on the back of a leather jacket with an amazing sun set coming out of the zip or a beautiful paradise island.”

    Leather Repair Company TEL 01964 614006 WEB www.leatherrepaircompany.com

    Richard Hutchins Leather Repair Company Training Centre & College In Hull East Yorkshire

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