• Leather Repair Company Withernsea

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    Leather Repair Company

    Based in the North East of England. Providing leather repair & restoration services in many sectors including; leather furniture, leather car interior, leather clothing, luggage & handbags and any other leather items you can think of.. (yes, and those types!).

    Is a company who offer a full franchise system around the world and are expanding rapidly

    They are manufacturers of all types of leather care and repair products, below are a couple fo pictures of products for you to look at

    As a company they can supply you for your online retail shop front, enhancing your online business further.

    They offer full repair, care and restoration services of all things leather, cars, boats, clothing, golf bags, cases, handbags purses just to name a few items

    Leather Guard

    Leather Guard, is a new system that we have developed to give your leather a protection to help stop stain, grease marks and wear taking place on the leathers surface.

    This system is the only professional system on the market and is the only system manufactured here in East Yorkshire.

    This is the best system in the UK on the market at present and the cheapest by far compared to others.

    Leather Training Courses

    With all leather training courses we can work around you and your company to meet your leather training requirements.

    We have been involved in the leather industry in one form or another for 30 years, probably the longest established company in leather care and repair in the UK.

    Our leather repair courses are designed for those starting out through to fully qualified technicians wanted a re fresher course or to brush up on new developments in the leather industry.

  • Leather Glue

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    Leather Glue.


    Its one of the strongest glues around, safe to use, water based non hazardous and forms am extremely strong bond for the repair.

    Remains flexible when dried as it the leather has never been glued.

    Can be used like a skin layer on the back of the leather without the need to use a backing fabric its that strong produces an inadvisable clear coating when dried like a plaster that is very strong.

    We have tested this and re tested this glue and even without a sub patch its almost impossible to rip open a tear again after being used without a backing sub patch, when a sub patch is applied the bond it provide is amazing.

    Also works perfectly on Aniline Leather.

    Repair Tears, Rips, Cuts, Holes & Splits in all types of leather, Handbags, Jackets, Car Interiors, Camper Vans, Motorcycle Leathers and so much more.

    Repair cuts, holes, tears, rips and all other surface damage to leather.

    As used by our technicians where the leather has been cut or torn all the way through. Unlike some other leather glue our,s is very safe, clean and easy to use.

    Never use “Super Glue” or similar on leather.

    This glue is just for leather and the perfect partner for all types of repairs.

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  • Leather Repair Company Premium Leather Cleaner

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    Premium Leather Cleaner

    • Deep cleaning action
    • Easy on ¦ easy off
    • Conditions the leather
    • Protects the leather surface and finish
    • Brings back a leather aroma

    The Premium Leather Cleaner is a gentle leather cleaner suitable for use on all types of leather (except suede & nubuck).

    It’s ideal for use on all your leather items, furniture, car interior, shoes, jackets, handbags, equestrian leathers and luggage.

    The Leather Repair Company Premium Leather Cleaner is just a leather cleaner, so we recommend that after you have cleaned your leather, you should use the leather protection cream to maintain it to keep it soft and supple. The Leather Protection cream will also provide a very high quality protection o the leather and provide waterproof protection at the same time.

    Can Be Used On:

    Leather Repair Companies Premium Leather Cleaner can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags,  even equestrian leathers. Premium Leather Cleaner is used to clean leather that has become very dirty and needs a good clean. It works on all colour’s of leather and all different grain structures and types.

    The leather protection cream is suitable for use on all types of leather except suede and nubuck, it is great for aniline leathers because it repels stains, with aniline being an absorbent leather, the leather protection cream will help prolong the life of your leather keeping it looking new much longer.  It can be used on all different types of leather items and is exceptional when used on car interiors and furniture around the home, office or in a bar.

    Leather Repair company also produce a Aniline Leather Cleaner and Aniline Mousse Cleaner, as well as the Leather Detailer Spray you have everything you require for the perfect protection required on all types of leather.

    Leather Repair Company Premium Leather Cleaner

  • Leather Binder

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    Leather Binder.

    Is the perfect solution for leather that has had a lot of wear taken place and the leather colour has fully gone and its exposed the fibres of the leather so it almost looks like suede.

    The leather binder is a watery filler. It is designed to soak deep into the fibres of the leather.

    It dries to bind the structure of the leather; making for a stronger base to carry out your repairs.

    The leather binder is best used on severely cracked leather where the structure of the leather has degraded so much that there is a chance that any stress on the leather may cause the fibrous structure to pull apart.

    You then go over the Binder with Flexi Filler or Light Filler or both.

    To use, simply apply with a sponge to the affected areas making sure you completely soak the fibres with the binder and allow to dry.

    Its best to use the Flexi Filler next in this process.

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  • Leather Training Course

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    Leather Training Courses

    With all the training courses we run, they in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, what makes it even more interesting is your within our workshops, where we are working restoring goods.

    Staff are about packing orders, making products and bottling up products for customers.

    We are a family run business and we like to keep it that way, so that you can feel relaxed and at home as if your in a real environment doing your repairs.

    You will find our kids come in after school and help everyone out, they will even offer you drinks.

    We are nice friendly bunch here and do our utmost to make you fit in and have a very enjoyable time.

    Richard Hutchins the company owner trains everyone personally, Richard continually researches products and restoration developments, to ensure that the award winning products we manufacture outperform every single time.

    If its just teaching your staff a basic understanding of leather or teaching everything from cleaning to restoration or 1 on 1 or group sessions, we listen to you to offer the best courses we can.

    The leather training courses offer everything, from small scratches and scuffs, to large scale restoration of furniture and car interior.

    You will learn how to repair all surface damages to the leather, such as rough areas, abrasion, and bad scuffs and scratches.

    Other things covered in our leather training courses are changing the colour of leather, we look at the whole process from cleaning and preparing, to applying colour and sealing it in.

    Leather identification is a major role in the training as well.

    We will go through all areas such as rips, tears, splits, burn holes and colour loss.

    Contact us directly to book in a course or to find out more information Leather Technicians Courses

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  • Handbag Care Products

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    My Bag Care

    When you look around the market place yuo can find so much information about handbag care and repair and after care products.

    My Bag Care is a range of products that are the finest on the market.

    Before now you have not been able to care for handbags and luxury leather goods correctly at home. But now you can thanks to the people at My Bag Care

    The range of products are a very sophisticated range all designed with you in mind the customer, they are a easy to use at home product with truly outstanding professional results.

    My Bag Care are not just a retailer of products they are looking for stockists in the UK to take on this Exclusive Designer range of handbag and luxury leather goods care range.

    The range of products offered are not vast, but can handle every aspect of handbag care possible.

    The range includes the following items.

    Cleansing Spray, A gentle cleaner, easy to use for every day cleaning.

    Leather Detailers Spray, Is a mild cleaner and protector in one and will help to stop stains. With added leather aroma.

    Stain Defence, Is a special mixture of ingredients to provide your leather item with a stain guard. Stops denim dye transfer.

    Softening Moisturiser, Is a crème based product to inject suppleness and moisturisers back into leathers that have become dry.

    Rejuvenator, Is a protection cream product to provide a full protection to leather items, It nourishes, feeds, protects and re-instates that leather aroma again.

    Premium Mousse Cleaner, Is for stubborn stains, dirt and grease, designed to remove dirt build up and to help remove stains.

    If you would like to stock this Exclusive Designer range, contact My Bag Care by visiting the web site.

    If you have a high street shop, this is a perfect range to add in for after sales.

    Perhaps your an online company offering handbags and other luxury lerther goods, This is the perfect partner to have along side you, the after care service the company is offering is looking very promising

    They are looking for Boutiques, Hairdressers, Spas, Hotels, Designer Shops and more.

    Contact for full detailers about leatehr care

  • SME start up advice for small comapnies #lrcuk

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    SME start up advice for small companies #lrcuk

    Who wants a FREE Kit worth £656 plus VAT………………….

    great offer folk…………………………………….

    Because we like to help other companies get going we are starting a web site called Little Rewards Count, this site is designed to bring you everything to do with the internet, marketing free help advice, SEO work, tips and tricks of the marketing trade, branding, logo design, business blogs, forums and so much more to gain you even more exposure for your business.

    Also every week via twitter we will pick a luck winner to have a blog post written about your business, that will stay on our blog for life, our blog gets around 15,000 hits a day s its a massive market place for anyone in business.

    To launch this site to the world we are going to be holding a competition on the site when it goes live to give away a full trade kit to start someone in business worth a massive £656 plus VAT.

    The free kit is offered by the Leather Repair Company

    its easy to find out about this we use twitter for it using the hash tag #lrcuk

    here is a link to our blog to find out more.

    Learn more about the #lrcuk tag

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  • Club #LRCUK for free support

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    Club #LRCUK for free support

    Little Rewards Count was started by Richard Hutchins with a view to helping companies all over the world that has now been made into a hash tag on twitter #lrcuk

    we are starting a special hash tag for Twitter when you use the hash tag #lrcuk we will pick a very lucky winner on Tuesday and we will re tweet that tweet to the world,  we will post the tweet on LinkedIn, Facebook and screen shot it and post it on pinterest, instagram.

    But most importantly we will write a short blog post for every winner, about your business, this gives your increased exposure as the blog gets around 15,000 views a day and this is increasing every day, the increased awareness this can create for your business is amazing, the sales and exposure you can get is outstanding.

    Every Monday between the hours of 7pm and 9pm we want you to tweet us using the hash tag #lrcuk is short for Little Rewards Count


    Only do one tweet during those hours / time slot, don’t get others to re tweet it, it won’t help you, don’t moan if you’re not picked it looks bad.

    With your tweet try to be you, sell your services, be funny, have fun, include your web site address if you wish.

    The amount of new followers you can gain from twitter would come in handy to promote your business and services to the world.

    Don’t forget Little Rewards Count so hash tag it #lrcuk

    A web site for Little Rewards Count is coming the site is going to be a portal for media exposure, blogs, interactive on line media, learning, offers, business start-up advice and so much more.

    If you want to be a part of this, then get in from the start. and start building the hash tag #lrcuk

    Join in and gain that exposure you want in life.

  • Starting A New Business

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    A New Business StartUp Plan

    Starting a new business can be a daunting prospect for most people, but as long as you do your homework and make the checks needed this can be your best chance in life to make it to the top very quickly.

    When you consider buying a franchise its best to see if the company you are dealing with, will go that extra mile to support you and look after you.

    If they request you to come to them rather than them coming to you, I would think long and hard about taking up a franchise with a company.

    When you’re looking at buying a franchise, you want a company that will go out of its way to come to your location and lay its cards on the table about what it plans and how it plans to do it.

    You want a company with a very strong background a company that understands the market its in and one that understands your needs and requirements and works for you rather than building a big healthy bank balance for the owners.

    Taking on board a franchise is the best way of starting a company as you are using the reputation that company has built up over the years.

    We are looking at franchises within the leather industry the leather industry is a huge market place and its growing at a rapid rate of around 53% per year, so now is the perfect time to grab a franchise from a company that are offering them.

    The potential earnings on a franchise can be huge, some franchise owners of Leather Repair Companies are earning in excess of £200,000 per year, this can be achieved with the first 5 years.

    What is so fantastic about taking on board a start-up company this way is everything is done for you, all the initial teething problems with getting a comp-any up and running are done for you without you having to worry about any of it.

    If you get a company that is perfect for your needs you will be on to a winner and be bringing in substantial incomes in no time at all.

    Getting on board with a company that has a huge internet presents is the best option possible as the internet is the way forward today, you want a company that is very active in social networking, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, flip board, Pinerest, YouTube and Instagram to just name a few.

    You want a company who has a web site that can drive traffic to its social networking sites in turn bringing in customers for you.

    Getting on board with a company is one thing but training is essential as with anything, you want to look for a company that offers professional training to help you and train you and grow your business.

    Getting involved with handbag repairs now is the best advice i can give anyone when the market sales ar edue to reach $9.0 billion b y 2015, that means one thing a lot of handbags will want cleaning, repairing, conditioning and protecting, do you want to miss out on this potential income

    Below are a couple of videos worth watching on franchises,

    Company Global Video

  • Leather Guard System

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    Leather Guard

    A special coating that has been developed after years of research and testing, is now ready to go on sale, the leather guard coating system gives a minimum of a 12 months protection.

    The leather guard coating is a special product that coats the leather with a special protection, it gives you protection against dirt, water, stains and helps stop abrasion taking place on the leather.

    To go alongside the leather guard system a is special leather nourishing protector, this adds even greater protection, far better than any other system on the market today.

    The leather guard system does in fact improve the look and appearance of the leather, keeping it as near perfect as possible for many years to come.

    The leather guard system is perfect to work on all types of leather, leather car interiors, leather handbags, leather furniture, leather desk tops, leather jackets, leather clothing.

    This system also comes in many forms and including a specialist Aniline leather guard coating system as well, so you can protect the beautiful features of Aniline from day to day stains and spills.

    Agents and re sellers will be established all over the UK and Europe.

    A complete network of technicians fully trained in the application process will be all over the UK and Europe ready to carry out the leather guard system on your leather items, from sofas and furniture, to designer handbags and luxury leather goods.

    A franchise system will be set up for those wishing to start a business as a specialist leather guard coatings technician.

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