• Since 1975 I have done many things and achieved such a great deal, not just on a personal level, but a professional level as well.


    “Interpol Were After Me”


    One of most memorable stories was when I was in the USA in June of 1987, during that month we travelled a huge amount by car and plane, in one hire car we had we travelled over 16,000 miles in just 5 weeks, the car hire company Hertz were not happy to say the least!! Luckily we had an unlimited mileage hire car.


    We travelled from every corner of the USA into and even in to Canada to see the Niagara falls what an amazing experience that was, going by boat to the back of the falls and learning the history of the falls and what many people had done to go over them.


    One of the last hire cars we had was a Lincoln town car that we hired in san Francisco, we had been to see some clients  near to the Golden gate Bridge and then decided due to the travelling we had already done by car we would fly again this time back to the East Coast, so as we were stopping at the Hilton Hotel what is one of the finest and most trusted groups of hotels around the world, we left our hire car with the person in charge of the safe which he had control over to place all people jewellery and expensive items in for safe keeping, we thought no more of, we called the hire company and left a voice message to say what we had done and the guy would deliver the car back to them in the morning as they were closed at the time we wanted to take the car back.


    We then spent another couple of weeks in the USA going back to Canada once again, in to Mexico and to Beverley Hills to see our friend John Frankenheimer the film producer of the French Connection and many other famous films.


    We had a great time, visiting friends and business friends and had a very successful trip with business buying many cars at auctions all over the USA to import back to the UK, we had arranged for all the cars to come back to the UK, we then arranged for all other goods to be shipped back to the USA and we booked our flights back home out of JFK on the 10th July, it was a great flight home, apart from the weather when we arrived.


    We came off the plane, went through customs all OK and then out of the doors to the public area and to my shock my Parents was at Heathrow waiting for us along with a large amount of police!! We did not know what was wrong or what was going on, suddenly my business associate was taken one way and I was taken the other way and swiftly taken back to a police station in Newbury Berkshire, worried and wondering what was going on as I was told nothing at this time.


    When we arrived at the police station I was first told they thought I had been killed! “Christ I said what do you mean” They then proceeded to say we had stolen a car from a hire company? I was shocked at this and naturally very concerned at the allegations being presented to me. So being the young Mr know it I was I said can you present evidence to me to substantiate your claim or let me go please, what can I say this just got the backs up of the Police, my Father was not too impressed my comments either.


    Then the police went on to tell that we had never given back a hire car to Hertz and that it has been found on the coast road on route to LA burnt out and a complete wreck!


    They also told me it was impossible for both us to have gone in to Canada twice and in to Mexico as Interpol were looking for us and we could have never got through customs without being stopped, this seemed to concern the police even more that we were somehow going in and out of countries without trace! As if we were being smuggled in or going in under different names, adding fuel to the charges that they wanted to bring against us! I was starting to get extremely concerned with the events.


    I explained what my business associate and I had done with the car and why we had left the car.  We also told him who we had left the car with, the police then decided to release me without charge and carried out investigations in to the car that had been burnt out and destroyed.


    After a couple of weeks, the police did come back to us no apology was given but they did say no charges would be brought against us as it happened the person in charge of the safe which was the guy we gave the Lincoln Town car to had also ran off with the contents of the safe and done a runner and he had burnt the car out to make it look like he had been held to ransom by someone and then killed. I was very pleased of the outcome and the porter had been found and charged with all the incidents and put in jail thank god.


    What I learnt from this experience was do not to trust everyone, since that day I have never done anything like that again and it was the first and last time I have ever been in trouble with the police and from that day forward I said never again.


    A lesson to all, Do Not Always Trust What You Are Told Investigate It Yourself.