• My First Job

    This is how my life began in leather with some very close friends of mine, way back in 1984.

    When I left school at a very early age, I was very eager to get going in the big bad world of business, I wanted to jump in at the deep end. I left school before i was even 15 years old due to the date of my birthday.

    Before I was 15 years old I was on my way in a huge jumbo jet to the USA to buy classic cars from auctions all around the USA, my first stop was the James C Leake Auction in Tulsa Oklahoma.

    This is how the love affair began with leather in the USA 30 years ago, since then i have never looked back, i have got more involved with leather over the years to today in 2013 where we are one of the largest leather care and repair products manufactures in the world.

    I followed the Dean Kruse Auction team all over the USA from state to state. I was very lucky from an early age, to be given this chance in life from a great friend of mine Richard Bonnett, who is now sadly gone, his family own a large amount of property in London, behind Harrods.

    They don’t just own the odd house, they own full streets, they own Trevor Square, Trevor Place, Sir Lancelot Place and many more.

    Richard Bonnett who was joint best man at my wedding in 1993, this is on the wedding day.

    This is my Wedding day, this man is responsible for me getting involved with Leather Repairs

    They built the gates to Hyde Park, this family are a very well to do group and very powerful, his great great grandfather invented Corrugated Iron, and his Father Major Bonnett, was the first person to receive a television broadcast in his one bedroom flat in the Skindles hotel in London from John logie Baird, a very good friend of the family. The property that the family own in London Trevor Square etc, is where the John Profumo scandal took place with Christian Keiller the prostitute that almost brought the conservative government to its knees, oh yes this was in one of the properties.

    The wrong sort of connections with both KGB officials and Tory Government ministers, as a certain John Profumo -who has just died at the grand age of 91- was to discover at the cost of his career after his brief dalliance with call girl Christine Keiller.

    Well that first job and my many connections back in 1984 earnt me a stagering £42 per week before deductions, to me I thought that was great, but I was not happy with it and I wanted more, I was looking to the bigger picture, I was using my connections wisely to build what has become my business empire all over the UK and Europe.

    Here is that first wage slip I have got.