• 1980 At John O’Gaunt School Hungerford Berkshire.



    1981 At John O’Gaunt School Hungerford Berkshire.



    1982 At John O’Gaunt School Hungerford Berkshire.



    1983  At John O’Gaunt School Hungerford Berkshire.

    Oh yes. I was starting to think, soon I am out of here and I can start my business fully, running it full time and start to earn money rather than being constantly shouted at by teachers for not doing what I was meant to do!!!! I never was good at listening, I always did what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it and if  I could not do it my way, I did not do it at all.




    1984 At John O’Gaunt School Hungerford Berkshire.

    Teachers have the cheek to say, his writing is untidy, you know when you’re at school you think your writing is untidy, it’s not until a few years after you leave, you suddenly realise your writing is no more appauling than your teachers, cheek of it I say!!



    At long last I am FREE now I can build my empire!!!.

    My head Master (Mr Lee) said to me when I was leaving “Hutchins you will be nothing all your life, you’re a drop out, you will never acheive anything in life like other pupils, you will be in trouble with the police all the time, drop out boy!!”

    Well if only he could see me now, I did go back once for a school reunion and his face was a picture, I had arranged for the local newspaper to be present for a photo shoot, as I had just flown back in from Boston USA and was on route to a large business meeting & dinner party in London at Trevor Square, it was one of the greatest moments in my life to see me arrive in a Mercedes 500 SEL only two years old and Mr Lee was driving an old Vauxhall and all his pet school pupils cold not even afford a car!!!.

    Well who has done well now I said to him and we shook hands and the pictures were taken and I was on the front page of the Newbury Weekly News shaking hands with Mr Lee (oh yes I forgot and me the drop out)

    Will post up the newspaper clipping soon. Here is the link to the newspaper