There’s no doubt about it: Recession is here and we’re in the middle of it. And every day the media is showing you the worst of the worst. This can effect how you feel, day to day. The solution? A commitment to persistence.

And no one is pretending it’s easy. It takes a certain amount of courage to keep your doors open when business is hard to get. It’s tempting to give in, and let it all fall apart. That’s the easy way out though.

You know how business is a matter of finding out what people want rather than what they need, and then giving it to them.

You know price is not an issue and it’s all about value. You know how to do all this, you have to be proactive.

You know that if you turn your website into a lead-generation website rather than a ‘sales’ site you can improve your results by hundreds of per cent. Yet it takes courage and fortitude to “do it all” when everyone else is doing the opposite. It’s hard to plug away with your marketing when everyone else is cutting back.

But, right now, this recession does represent a grand opportunity to anyone prepared to stand firm against fear, uncertainty and doubt. Advertising costs are at an all-time low, and all your competitors will have slashed their budgets and be running scared.

There is no better time than right now to get proactive and offer your customers the best value in your industry, I don’t mean by cutting prices, I mean by showing your customers what you have to offer up and above your competitors.

Now is the time to start networking with social groups of people, to offer your services to a much wider audience than ever before. The business is out there, but in today’s economic slow down you have to go out and get it, rather than wait for it to come to you.

Your customers still have money and most still want what you have to sell… if only you can go that extra distance to show them the value in what you offer.

I’m not talking about positive thinking. We’re backing this up with solid, advanced Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies. But the thing that’s going to get you to implement these strategies when everyone else is moaning is persistence. It always pays off.

Eventually when you hit that “perfect balance” in your marketing, you’ll find you’ve cracked it – and your business will grow and grow, regardless of the economy.

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