LloydsTSB Bank Are the worst bank on the high street.

We had to show you this letter, just to prove how useless Lloyds TSB are.

Is there any wonder why they almost went bankrupt when the staff cant even do a job correct let alone the people at the top.

What i am pointing out here is a few things please read the letter.

Point one, enclosed is a booklet/leaflet called “How To Voice Your Concerns” guess what they never enclosed it, as Lloyds don’t want you to voice your concerns, well the wonderful world of the internet makes this very possible for people to reach out and share problems with companies / financial institutions that have caused people to struggle and lost other millions.

Point two, Lloyds state if your still not happy contact you Area Director Who’s Details can be obtained from your Relationship Director, guess what they don’t tell us who they are, I even phoned Lloyds TSB and they tell me we don’t have either of these people that look after our account !!!

lies continue, what a bank will tell you is amazing, someone has to stand up to them and join forces to stop them from screwing everyone else.