Sue The Bankers

A company we know is taking Lloyds TSB bank PLC to court for £30 Million Pounds.

This case is very special as its a bench mark case, that will open the flood gates for hundreds of thousands of companies in the UK to do the exact same process on taking Lloyds TSB to court and scewing them like they screwed you. This same process will work with any bank.

They have found a loop hole in the system, that can’t be closed as its a business technical term that no one can change.

In effect a bank is an investor in your company, if this bank does not, perform as it should, then they are at fault.

A bank has a “Duty Of Care” for its investments made in companies, to help nurture that investment to its best ability and performance, to ensure this investment performs correctly, helping provide the greatest return on the initial investment, safe gaurding the bank and the invested party for the short and long term.

If the bank fail as investors they have resinded on its contractual agreement as investors and broken the terms of the contract which is to provide a “Duty Of Care” to its investment, if the bank fail it certain areas they make any investment nulandvoid as they have failed to provide “Duty Of Care” as the investment they made has not been able to prosper due to the negligence of the bank.  Not through the fault of the invested party, as  Directors / company owners you have a “Duty Of Care” to nurture your business to within the law and to your best ability as long as you carry this out, you have done nothing wrong. but if your company is forced to the wall through the fault of the bank, then they are causing your business and your personal life harm, stress and undue pressure, that is through no fault of your own, but that of the bank, then they have failed miserably to act upon there “Duty Of Care”

At present this company is whipping Lloyds TSB ass, so if you want to learn more about this or want support or your own case looking at please conact quoting “Sue The Bankers”.

Please post comment on this Blog, we must all stand united and question these people, if we dont they will get away with everything possible, post up your horror stories of how a bank has treated you.

Don’t forget “Follow Your Dream” don’t chase your business its non productive