Leather Re Colouring Balm

Description: Our Leather ReColouring Balm brings your leather back to life it is a cream texture so it can be worked into the leather to perfection.

The Balm injects your leather with a fresh lease of life and colour. Excellent on both new and old item’s and perfect for old handbags and Gladstone cases, works wonders on old antique leather goods and Leather Jackets.

We have over 20 standard colours to choose from in our range of coloured balms.

We do offer a bespoke service to match to your leather exactly if you wish, all you need to do is to send us a sample of leather and we can mix this for you for a small mixing charge .

The Leather Repair Company balm works wonders for those ares where fading has appeared.

The balm gets sucked into your leather so it won’t rub off onto hands or any items of clothing once protected with the protection cream.

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Leather Restoration