TACAL Charity

Did you know men are more likely NOT to talk about issues compared to women, did you know more women are diagnosed with stress, depression and anxiety, but more men committ suicide, this is due to men feeling embarrassed about talking, thinking they can handle this, looking at women and thinking she’s crying for nothing, I’m a man!!!!

TACAL is a charity that’s here to help with well-being, loneliness, wellness, mental health, low self-esteem, anxiety and much more.

We need your support, so we can help those in desperate need of help. 
You can donate as little as you wish, every penny helps us save someone’s life.

We set up this charity from past previous experiences, not just myself, but my wife and family and friends who I noticed suffering and some sadly doing something I didn’t wish to experience. 

We are not frightened to talk about our issues and being at the point of wanting to end our lives, but we managed to pull through as we got help and spoke up about it. Without doing this I would not be here today and nor would my wife, we would be leaving two children very scared mentally for life and the circle continues 😢

We now have a network of people around the U.K. helping and supporting TACAL.

TACAL has grown so much since it began in March 2020 and it’s already gaining global awareness as we help people around the world with daily challenges. 

But for charities to survive they need funding from donations, we have invested heavily in this charity as it’s so close to our hearts and it’s our goals to continue to invest when we retire, helping the millions of people around the world that need our support.

All our volunteers work for free and we made a pledge with this charity when it began NOBODY will be paid wages as that defeats the object of our morals and what we set this charity up to be, we had this written in our constitution from the start, as every penny we receive we want to use to help those who need it most. 

TACAL can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn  it stands for Text And Chat About Life please look us up. 

Even £1 can help save someone’s life, please help support TACAL today ❤❤❤❤

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