A history about Richard Hutchins and how Nutty Group became the success it is today

Company History

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Richard Hutchins was born on the 15th June 1968 at Savernake Hospital. Which lies on the outskirts of Savernake Forest, on the A4 London Road, just outside Marlborough’s town in Wiltshire.
Savernake Forest is a private estate owned by the Earl Of Cardigan, my father and the Earl have conducted many business deals together in the past.



The first house I lived in with my parents when I was born was at Leyland’s Green in the quiet village of Kintbury, in Berkshire, just outside Hungerford. It’s a very nice village with many famous horse riding people living in and around the village.

One of my many memories of this house I have, was when I took my stabilisers off my bike at the age of 4 and I came down Blanders Hill towards Leyland’s green to our house, I was following my brother Bill, I was pedaling as fast as I could to try to beat him down the hill, this was a challenge for me as I did not want to come second, I wanted to win. My legs felt like they were going a million miles an hour. I fell off my bike and ended up head first in the ditch with my bike on top of me, I had cut my chin open badly and you could see all the bones in my chin, this was my first accident of many. I ended up with 8 stitches on my chin, and still have the scar today to prove it!

Over the next few days, I kept going up the hill and biking back down as fast as I could, I wanted to really make sure I could do this, and win, I was not prepared to give in, then one Saturday I said to my brother Bill (who is 3 years older than me) “I am going to beat you today biking down Blanders Hill to our house” he replied “not a chance, you won’t win”. So we both got on our bikes and went to the top of the hill and started to bike down the hill towards our house, Bill was winning and then about half way down I caught him up, my legs were going like hell, but I could not overtake him at all, Bill won again!

On Sunday Bill went with my Dad to our shop, so I spent all day Sunday training, I was sure I was going to do it this time. Then on Monday night after Bill got home from school, I said “I am going to beat you today on biking down the hill”, he laughed at me, this made me even more determined, I was going to do it today. So we set off, peddling up the hill, it was a very steep hill, it took a lot to get to the top, then we said after 3 and Bill counted to 3 and we set off, Bill was in front of me again, I was building up this amazing adrenalin rush inside me. I started to peddle faster and faster to get down this hill as fast as I could. I overtook Bill and I got to our house first, I had done it! You have no idea how pleased I was, I have never forgotten this moment, it was my first challenge and I had done it!

Richard Hutchins 3 years old

This is me Richard Hutchins age approx 3 years old, with my brothers, from left to right David, Bill, Shaun, Gary, in the front is me, as you can see from a very early age I was always different, I refused from a very early age to have the same clothes as my brothers and I always wanted different things !! I guess this has helped me get to where I am today.

Richard’s History Is Being Compiled At Present Keep Checking Back To Read The Full Life Story Of This Amazing Entrepreneur.