Nutty Group will only carry on business in one way, Honest, Open, Upfront, Customer Focused with value for money.
Sometimes when you try to complain to a company, it feels as though you’re talking to a brick wall. But at Nutty Group, we always welcome your feedback. We do realise that mistakes sometimes happen, so if you’re unhappy with something, then please make sure you let us know. We’ll always do our best to solve any problems or issues that you might have with something you’ve bought or used from the Nutty Group. We promise to listen properly to your feedback and to use your suggestions to improve our products and services.
Our Group thrives on customer feedback, good or bad, so please don’t be frightened to complain.
We’ve put together this guide, to help you out with your complaint. It’ll tell you how to go about it, and what to expect from us in return. Take a look, and then get in touch.

How to Complain cannot give you advice on any individual complaints, but the following steps will help you and the appropriate Nutty Group solve the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Make sure you contact the relevant Nutty Group Company. That’s the one you bought the product or service from. You can find a complete list of Nutty Group Companies and their contact information by visiting the “Contact Us” section.
  2. If you think you have a genuine complaint about faulty goods, then stop using the goods immediately. If the complaint is about goods or services, you should contact the Nutty Group Group Company who sent you the goods or provided the service as soon as possible either by telephoning, emailing or writing.
  3. Explain in as much detail as you can what the problem is and make sure you have all the information to hand e.g. full name and address of the right Nutty Group Company, any customer reference number, details of what you ordered, date when you placed the order, the amount paid, method of payment, receipt number, reason for the complaint and anything else which may be important.
  4. Please note that if any of the prices on any of the Nutty Group group websites are incorrect then you do not have a right to demand to buy the goods at the advertised price. If you do discover an error then please let the relevant Nutty Group Company know so that they can correct any mistakes.

What you can expect from us
If you follow the steps above, we aim to:

  1. Acknowledge all written complaints within 7 days
  2. Respond in full to written complaints within 21 days
  3. Respond to phone calls and emails within 48 hours
  4. Listen properly to your feedback and use your suggestions to improve our products and services.
  5. Visit you in person within 7 days to view any problems with a service provided