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Nutty Group

Branded as one of the best

Nutty Group – Are probably the worlds largest company in its sector, and are fast becoming one of the first global brand names of the 21st Century.


At Nutty Group , we believe we offer the public some of the best products in the world at the most affordable prices. We have had designed for us our own complete range of vehicle car care products, tools, equipment, roadside products and vehicle accessories, all of which are made to the highest of standards and specifications. All our car care cleaning products are made to BS 9001 standards, most of the items we have had manufactured for us are made by British companies, helping to support the local economy.  This is why we are bringing to your door some of the finest products in the world and you know you have the quality and backing of an international company with almost 20 years experience in the car care products profession.

We take note of every small detail

 We believe in making a difference. In our customers’ eyes, Nutty Group stands for Value for money, Quality, Innovation, Fun, Friendly and a Sense of Competitive challenge. They expect extraordinary things from us, a fact which puts us in a unique position of trust and strength, but which also gives us a responsibility not to disappoint. Being so well known means we no longer need to make promises, but we do. More importantly, we keep them!

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