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Mobile Car Valeting We Come To You

August 6th, 2010

Mobile Car Valeting We Come To You

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Withernsea Wheelers is Born, On Your Bike People.

July 18th, 2010

At long last the site is born, donations can be made on line via paypal

Visit the site please and help us build awareness for our town before we loose it Withernsea Wheelers

Thank you for your support


Lloyds TSB The Con Bank Who Pressure Clients With Its Power

June 9th, 2010

Lloyds TSB are one of the worst banks in banking history. Click To Visit Banks Who Rob Me

How can a bank get away with placing adverts on TV saying “We Are Good With Money” this advert is clearly mis-leading and false as they went broke.

We have been investigating Lloyds TSB for sometime now and its clear from what we have found they always use the weight of the organisation to put pressure on customers to pay over the top fees, to put companies out of business and then squeeze the owners for the personal guarantee monies, with using extreme undue pressure to force people to pay up.

In these circumstances its evident that Lloyds have broken contractual agreements, by exerting undue pressure on customers.

Another point we have had many complaints made about to us is the way they shut customers down and put them out of business by calling in all monies owed to them, in particular from limited companies with personal guarantees from directors.

How Lloyds TSB do this is to suddenly get the business manager you have been dealing with for ages to send you an email or fax, that very quickly and sweetly states, we cant pay any more monies out of your account and we don’t want to be put in a position to have to return payments.

Then when you contact Lloyds TSB they never return your calls, never reply to faxes, never reply to emails and never reply to letters sent through the post.

If you have a loan or overdraft with Lloyds TSB they state very clearly “The bank aims to provide the highest level of customer service possible. However if you expereince a problem we will always seek to resolve this as quickly as possible”

With them failing to respond this is a breach of the contract you signed, making it impossible to enforce the personal gurantees as the bank broke the contract not the customer.

We are setting up a blog soon for people to register on and to share the banking horrors they have had whilst being in business, we feel its time the pressure was felt by putting the boot on the other foot. keep an eye open for Banks Who Rob Me its coming !

South Africa Football World Cup & Virgin

June 9th, 2010

Well its come around again are you all ready for teh Football to take over our lives.

Should companies have to be penalised so much by employees to watch the game ?

Should companies have to pay out for TVs and much more to get staff to stay at work, if a member of staff in my opinion skips work with false reasons to be off then they deserve to go.

If people give the truth you can work with them.

If they lie they don’t deserve a second chance

if your not into footaball, then help is needed for this Withernsea Wheelers

Withernsea Wheelers

June 8th, 2010
My aim is to raise over £1 million pounds for Withernsea, this will be a yearly event, that i time i want to be as big as the London Marathon but on Wheels (not motorised).

We want your support from all over the country anyone can join in and help us to raise money.

If you want more details please contact me please email me  

A web site will be built in due course, its going to be withernsea wheelers

This year the money is going to help improve the Scout Hut to help go towards replacing its asbestos roof.

Please help support our children of the future they need us now more than ever.

You can find Withernsea Wheelers on Face book as well, please join our event.

We Start To Take Over Australia

May 19th, 2010

We have been in talks with business clients in Australia about starting up LRC ( Leather Repair Company ) in Australia and we are getting a few steps closer to this happening.

As soon as we have more news on setting up  in Australia we will advise, Franchises will be available direct from my business associates in Australia, details will be posted on this site.  Leather Repair Company

If you wish to find out more or have ideas for a business or want to be apart of our group please visit Nutty Group emails us at

Leather Jacket Restoration

May 19th, 2010

For the Finest Leather Jacket Restoration In Europe, Trust Those with over 15 Years Experience

If your looking for Leather Jacket Restoration Please Visit The Site Leather Jacket Restoration.

For all types of Leather Jacket Repairs, Leather Jacket Colour Change, To Leather Jacket Alterations, New Leather Jacket Pockets & So Much More

London Marathon & Virgin Money Run By Vito Verrecchia From Withernsea

April 25th, 2010

Vito Verrecchia from the Golden Haddock Fish & Chip Shop who is the Co owner with his Brother Dino ran the Virgin Money London Marathon today in just under 3 hours, Vito is a true star and further more offers the best Fish & Chips in Withernsea by far.

Any one coming to Withernsea, make sure you stop and have Fish & Chips at the Golden Haddock Opposite HSBC Bank in Queen Street Withernsea

Today Vito has done this town proud and we all owe him a great deal, he is a true super star.

We tracked Vito from start to end and here you can see him coming over the finish line

Please help Vito Raise as much money as he can its all in aid of Wear It Pink Breast Cancer you can click the link below to donate.

His running number was 26248 Vito is the guy with the pink top to the left of the person in blue


The Dodo Is Flying Once Again

April 10th, 2010

To See How The Dodo Can Fly Again With His Special Dodo Juice


Welcome To Storm Waterproofer

April 6th, 2010

New products Launched at Nutty Group