Our Customers

We define consumers in general as – anyone who could buy from us. As the consumer’s hero, Nutty Group has always been about developing products and services that make the consumer’s life easier – delivering better value for money, a better service, challenging the status quo, and injecting an element of fun into what have traditionally been dreary marketplaces.

Nutty Group makes money by creating ideas that are generally beneficial to consumers – and to society as a whole. Rather than relying on growth from one business in one industry, Nutty Group takes a proactive and often risky role, re-investing in opportunities.
A customer-focused brand
We view our customers’ happiness as the lifeline of Nutty Group’s success. Because of this attitude, Nutty Group is widely regarded as one of the most customer-focused brands in Europe, with a reputation for highest service & customer values.

Nutty Group has been ahead of its time in delivering customer service. Here are just some of the areas where we’ve led the way:

  • Using innovative ideas and a simple approach to doing business
  • challenging conventional rules
  • trusting and empowering staff
  • offering products that are easy to use
  • using simple and upfront pricing techniques
  • having a culture where “going the extra mile” is the norm
  • using innovative equipment
  • offering environmentally friendly product at all times