The Detailers forum ( was set up to offer a more professional approach to the detailing world, plus give detailers the chance to promote the service they offer in all parts of the world at a more reasonable price than other forums.

At the Detailers Forum we try to offer value for money, by using our resources that we have to help promote detailers far and wide.

The Detailers Forum want to offer the public a place under one roof to find professional detailers in an area near them to carry out detailing services, that they can trust and have been recommended to them, with the Detailers Forum we believe we are able to offer just that to the general public.

We hope you are able to share in this and offer some great sound advice to people from all around the world and gain business from our forum, as this was why we set it up, so we could all enjoy it and benefit from it.