How to Clean Leather car Seats

Crystal Clean’s National Training Centre for Vehicle Detailing, Valeting & Paint Correction is now open.

The purpose built unit is used to train people for all types of vehicle care from standard valeting to clay blocking a car to concours show conditions through to stone chip and scratch repairs.

As professionals in the automotive industry for over 25 years we have always found the biggest problem that vehicle dealers have, is getting and keeping good quality valeter’s.

We have some very exciting plans for the future for our training centre as well as other professional detailers we will be partnering with, along with car care manufacturers coming on board.

News of the new exciting industry standard recognised body will also follow. Our aim is to get vehicle details all around the UK recognised for the professional job they do, not just a bucket and sponge person, doing this work on weekends for pocket money . is the web site if you wish to book in and to find more details.