Essential Tips for Writing Effective Marketing Letters

1. Step into the mind and the shoes of the person reading your copy.

Everything you write should be designed to meet their needs, wishes, desires, hopes, fears and dreams. Pay Attention To Detail!!

2. Keep it simple.

Don’t use language or sentence structure any more complicated than you would use in conversation with someone in person.

3. Benefits, benefits, benefits.

You must focus on the benefits of what you are offering, rather than the product or service. When you buy a new hi-fi, you’re probably not interested in how it was made or how many wires it has (the product) You’re interested in how it will sound (the benefit) If you buy a new sofa, you don’t really care if it took three years for a man in some far eastern country to make it (the product) You’re interested in how comfortable it’s going to be (the benefit) So all of your copy should focus on the benefits.

4. Remember the magic word – YOU.

By continuing to use the word ‘you’ in your copy, you are forcing yourself to have a personal conversation with the person reading it.


Follow this classic rule of copy writing and you can’t go too wrong. AIDA stands for

6. PS

Always write a ps on your letter, as more people will read a ps line than they do the content of your letter, your ps caption line needs to be as powerful as your headline.

7. Good Communication

Communicating with your clients is very important, if you don’t communicate, they will go to someone else for business, make sure you email, write, phone or even visit your clients at least once a month. When in business always remember these very powerful words ATTENTION TO DETAIL.

All of your copy, whether it’s a letter, brochure or email, should follow this simple process. First you need to get their attention – this normally happens in a headline. Then create some interest. You then need to turn the interest into a real desire for your product or service. All of which is useless if the reader does not take action. So make it very clear what action people need to take to begin a relationship with you