The Secret


I expect you have heard of The Secret.  The Secret team have created a visualisation tool. It is a wonderfully inspiring video you can watch or download for free.  It is called The Secret to You.  I wonder if you have seen it? 


I have put the link at the bottom of this message, but thought you would find it useful to have the words already typed out from the video so you can print them off and put up somewhere in your home. 


The Secret to You



Today is the beginning of my new life


I am starting over today


All good things are coming to me today


I am grateful to be alive


I see beauty all around me


I live with passion and purpose


I take time to laugh and play every day


I am awake energised and alive


I focus on all the good things in life


And give thanks for them


I am at peace and one with everything


I feel the love, the joy, the abundance


I am free to be myself


I am magnificence in human form


I am the perfection of all life


I am grateful to be ME


Today is the best day of my life



Here is the link to watch the video

Enjoy!  I think it is fab.