We offer full Leather Repair Training Courses, from 2 days to three weeks depending on what is required.

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We will show you:
• Tricks of using an airbrush: We use an airbursh to spray colour onto the leather to make it blend in and for a professional finish.
• Cleaning & Care of leather, showing an in depth guide for cleaning and heavy duty deep cleaning.
• Grain Copying: You are taught how to copy a leathers grain pattern and then imprint it into the repair compound for an invisible repair.
• Light Cracking & Surface Abrasion: You are taught how to repair leather where the surface is wearing away or peeling.
• Colour Matching: we will go through the basics of colour matching, but we can’t teach you colour matching in just an hour! It’s something you need to practice yourself. We therefore provide you with detailed instructions to help you get started!
• Colour Changing: we will show you how to change the colour of leather items, from a simple colour change to custom colours and patterns!

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Courses Start from just £75

Leather Repair Training Courses