For many years now clothing, handbags, car and furniture leather repair has been carried out by a limited number of experts across the country and even for the smallest touch-up job you and I would not be able to carry these out, but now we can for just a few pounds, quickly, simply and with ease.

Now these small niggling touch-up jobs can be done by the likes of you and I with an innovative new product from one of those expert companies. The new leather repair pens from The Leather Repair Company enables anyone wanting to do those simple touch-up jobs to do them quickly and easily with professional looking results, no mess, no fuss, with perfect results every time.

Their leather repair pens are a professional grade pen that can be used to repair or re colour your leather and are the perfect partner for all types of repairs to leather handbags, leather jackets, leather car seats, leather furniture, leather golf bags, leather gun cases, leather boots and much more.

The new pens are available in thousands of colours to meet your exact colour needs, including metallic colours for motorbike suits and handbags. The makers even provide a service to colour match to your exact requirement if you are able to send them a small swatch of the leather than needs colour matching. You can view some colours here Leather Colours

Leather Repair Pens in 1000′s of Colours

They have also just announced the availability of a large number of the colours from Leather Furniture Village ranges to match furniture colours supplied by this well-known retailer.

Priced at only £10.50 these new leather repair pens are set to take the leather repair world by storm and allow anyone who needs to cover-up and repair those annoying scuff and scratch marks to do so with ease and save a small fortune in the process. For antique items its break through as you can now carry out these small repairs without people knowing you have done so, increasing items in value considerably.

Another unique feature of these new leather repair pens is the ability to get creative with your leather work, with the inclusion of metallic based colours for leather. These are not only ideal for touch-up and repairs to handbags and motorcycle clothing which tend to have such unique colours but also to write on top of other colours with metallic lettering. If you fancy getting adventurous you can create some masterpieces and works of art, from company logos, to full pictures, peoples faces and so much more.

Perhaps you just want to start up a business doing bespoke one off products for clients around the world, these leather repair pens make it possible, for you to earn a good yearly income from the comfort of your home.

To see these new leather repair pens in action take a look at the short video below:

Leather Repair Pens

The full range of leather repair pens can be purchased direct from LeatherRepairPens