How to Clean Leather car Seats

Leather Guard

A special coating that has been developed after years of research and testing, is now ready to go on sale, the leather guard coating system gives a minimum of a 12 months protection.

The leather guard coating is a special product that coats the leather with a special protection, it gives you protection against dirt, water, stains and helps stop abrasion taking place on the leather.

To go alongside the leather guard system a is special leather nourishing protector, this adds even greater protection, far better than any other system on the market today.

The leather guard system does in fact improve the look and appearance of the leather, keeping it as near perfect as possible for many years to come.

The leather guard system is perfect to work on all types of leather, leather car interiors, leather handbags, leather furniture, leather desk tops, leather jackets, leather clothing.

This system also comes in many forms and including a specialist Aniline leather guard coating system as well, so you can protect the beautiful features of Aniline from day to day stains and spills.

Agents and re sellers will be established all over the UK and Europe.

A complete network of technicians fully trained in the application process will be all over the UK and Europe ready to carry out the leather guard system on your leather items, from sofas and furniture, to designer handbags and luxury leather goods.

A franchise system will be set up for those wishing to start a business as a specialist leather guard coatings technician.