My Bag Care

When you look around the market place yuo can find so much information about handbag care and repair and after care products.

My Bag Care is a range of products that are the finest on the market.

Before now you have not been able to care for handbags and luxury leather goods correctly at home. But now you can thanks to the people at My Bag Care

The range of products are a very sophisticated range all designed with you in mind the customer, they are a easy to use at home product with truly outstanding professional results.

My Bag Care are not just a retailer of products they are looking for stockists in the UK to take on this Exclusive Designer range of handbag and luxury leather goods care range.

The range of products offered are not vast, but can handle every aspect of handbag care possible.

The range includes the following items.

Cleansing Spray, A gentle cleaner, easy to use for every day cleaning.

Leather Detailers Spray, Is a mild cleaner and protector in one and will help to stop stains. With added leather aroma.

Stain Defence, Is a special mixture of ingredients to provide your leather item with a stain guard. Stops denim dye transfer.

Softening Moisturiser, Is a crème based product to inject suppleness and moisturisers back into leathers that have become dry.

Rejuvenator, Is a protection cream product to provide a full protection to leather items, It nourishes, feeds, protects and re-instates that leather aroma again.

Premium Mousse Cleaner, Is for stubborn stains, dirt and grease, designed to remove dirt build up and to help remove stains.

If you would like to stock this Exclusive Designer range, contact My Bag Care by visiting the web site.

If you have a high street shop, this is a perfect range to add in for after sales.

Perhaps your an online company offering handbags and other luxury lerther goods, This is the perfect partner to have along side you, the after care service the company is offering is looking very promising

They are looking for Boutiques, Hairdressers, Spas, Hotels, Designer Shops and more.

Contact for full detailers about leatehr care