Leather Glue.


Its one of the strongest glues around, safe to use, water based non hazardous and forms am extremely strong bond for the repair.

Remains flexible when dried as it the leather has never been glued.

Can be used like a skin layer on the back of the leather without the need to use a backing fabric its that strong produces an inadvisable clear coating when dried like a plaster that is very strong.

We have tested this and re tested this glue and even without a sub patch its almost impossible to rip open a tear again after being used without a backing sub patch, when a sub patch is applied the bond it provide is amazing.

Also works perfectly on Aniline Leather.

Repair Tears, Rips, Cuts, Holes & Splits in all types of leather, Handbags, Jackets, Car Interiors, Camper Vans, Motorcycle Leathers and so much more.

Repair cuts, holes, tears, rips and all other surface damage to leather.

As used by our technicians where the leather has been cut or torn all the way through. Unlike some other leather glue our,s is very safe, clean and easy to use.

Never use “Super Glue” or similar on leather.

This glue is just for leather and the perfect partner for all types of repairs.

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