Premium Leather Cleaner

  • Deep cleaning action
  • Easy on ¦ easy off
  • Conditions the leather
  • Protects the leather surface and finish
  • Brings back a leather aroma

The Premium Leather Cleaner is a gentle leather cleaner suitable for use on all types of leather (except suede & nubuck).

It’s ideal for use on all your leather items, furniture, car interior, shoes, jackets, handbags, equestrian leathers and luggage.

The Leather Repair Company Premium Leather Cleaner is just a leather cleaner, so we recommend that after you have cleaned your leather, you should use the leather protection cream to maintain it to keep it soft and supple. The Leather Protection cream will also provide a very high quality protection o the leather and provide waterproof protection at the same time.

Can Be Used On:

Leather Repair Companies Premium Leather Cleaner can be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interiors to clothes, shoes, handbags,  even equestrian leathers. Premium Leather Cleaner is used to clean leather that has become very dirty and needs a good clean. It works on all colour’s of leather and all different grain structures and types.

The leather protection cream is suitable for use on all types of leather except suede and nubuck, it is great for aniline leathers because it repels stains, with aniline being an absorbent leather, the leather protection cream will help prolong the life of your leather keeping it looking new much longer.  It can be used on all different types of leather items and is exceptional when used on car interiors and furniture around the home, office or in a bar.

Leather Repair company also produce a Aniline Leather Cleaner and Aniline Mousse Cleaner, as well as the Leather Detailer Spray you have everything you require for the perfect protection required on all types of leather.

Leather Repair Company Premium Leather Cleaner