Leather Repair Company

Based in the North East of England. Providing leather repair & restoration services in many sectors including; leather furniture, leather car interior, leather clothing, luggage & handbags and any other leather items you can think of.. (yes, and those types!).

Is a company who offer a full franchise system around the world and are expanding rapidly

They are manufacturers of all types of leather care and repair products, below are a couple fo pictures of products for you to look at

As a company they can supply you for your online retail shop front, enhancing your online business further.

They offer full repair, care and restoration services of all things leather, cars, boats, clothing, golf bags, cases, handbags purses just to name a few items

Leather Guard

Leather Guard, is a new system that we have developed to give your leather a protection to help stop stain, grease marks and wear taking place on the leathers surface.

This system is the only professional system on the market and is the only system manufactured here in East Yorkshire.

This is the best system in the UK on the market at present and the cheapest by far compared to others.

Leather Training Courses

With all leather training courses we can work around you and your company to meet your leather training requirements.

We have been involved in the leather industry in one form or another for 30 years, probably the longest established company in leather care and repair in the UK.

Our leather repair courses are designed for those starting out through to fully qualified technicians wanted a re fresher course or to brush up on new developments in the leather industry.