Our courses are very hands on, you will learn everything you need to know about leather and restoring it.

We offer a 3 day training course for only £375 per person.

A typical course involves, learning how to identify different leather types, learning how to do repairs including scuffs, tears, rips, holes, burns, colour loss and fading and complete colour changes and bespoke work. We also teach you how to spray correctly using an airbrush and also using a mouth atomiser used in the two-toning process. This also covers how to mask the item up and protect the surfaces around you. You will also practice colour mixing and make your own colour mixing guide to take home. While you are on your course you will also have the added bonus of getting trained to be a Leather Guard® technician. We will also go through all of our products to ensure you know what each product is for what job it does and in what order they should be used. Health and Safety procedures need to be pointed out regarding safety when spraying and masks must be worn at all times when doing this. We will also help you to create a pricing structure to help you price every client accordingly and we also offer lifetime technical help and advice.

Not only is the leather repair market enormous and constantly growing in popularity, the Leather Repair Company are rapidly becoming a very well recognised brand in its field.

We can supply starter kits that are as low as £125, we manufacture everything in house so we can supply everything you will ever require.

The most popular starter kit we do is the mid range trade kit at only £395 if purchased when you are here for training (The full trade cost of this kit if you buy it is £656.30 plus vat after you have been trained) so it is better to purchase the kit on the days you are here saving you over £215 plus vat. For this you get everything you need, including 23 base colours, we will also chuck in when you take your kit away with you 8 extra base colours for free, plus around £150 of extras for FREE just to help you out and to get you going. Or the same kit with a mini compressor and two airbrushes for £495 if purchased on the days you are here for training . All courses and kit prices are subject to VAT.

Leather Repair Course