Leather Training Courses

With all the training courses we run, they in a relaxed friendly atmosphere, what makes it even more interesting is your within our workshops, where we are working restoring goods.

Staff are about packing orders, making products and bottling up products for customers.

We are a family run business and we like to keep it that way, so that you can feel relaxed and at home as if your in a real environment doing your repairs.

You will find our kids come in after school and help everyone out, they will even offer you drinks.

We are nice friendly bunch here and do our utmost to make you fit in and have a very enjoyable time.

Richard Hutchins the company owner trains everyone personally, Richard continually researches products and restoration developments, to ensure that the award winning products we manufacture outperform every single time.

If its just teaching your staff a basic understanding of leather or teaching everything from cleaning to restoration or 1 on 1 or group sessions, we listen to you to offer the best courses we can.

The leather training courses offer everything, from small scratches and scuffs, to large scale restoration of furniture and car interior.

You will learn how to repair all surface damages to the leather, such as rough areas, abrasion, and bad scuffs and scratches.

Other things covered in our leather training courses are changing the colour of leather, we look at the whole process from cleaning and preparing, to applying colour and sealing it in.

Leather identification is a major role in the training as well.

We will go through all areas such as rips, tears, splits, burn holes and colour loss.

Contact us directly to book in a course or to find out more information Leather Technicians Courses

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