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Leather Repair Company Training Centre Hull

A relentless dedication to detail keeps the Leather Repair Companies Richard Hutchins motivated in the search for the perfect leather finish.

On entering Leather Repair Companies Hull training and repair centre is an unusual experience if you’re accustomed to the usual smells from workshops, with the ambience of chemicals, oils and solvents around you, along with other potent harsh chemicals.

Instead the air is filled with the beautiful aroma and scents of leather and a fresh clean smell of natural cleaning solutions used in the leather cleaning industry.  This is all made up from the beautiful smells and scents of the Leather Repair Companies range of cleaning and care products all hand crafted from its head office a little further down the road to the wonderful town of  Withernsea on the coast.

All the products are hand crafted to the finest detail and ingredients by Richard Hutchins himself to ensure the quality is the finest possible on the market.

Richard Hutchins philosophy is rather different to that of a bob-a-job boy doing some work for a week to earn some money for sweets, with his dirty rags and harsh solvent chemicals. Special leather requires special care and expert assessment and attention says Richard Hutchins. If you’re leather is overdue a clean and brush-up then companies like the Leather Repair Company are only too happy to help.

“We’re not a cleaning company” insists Richard as he outlines the Leather Repair Company raison d’être. “We are in the business of the finest care and protection, rather than a quick wipe over with a wet damp rag in the way most normal people would. We take note of every detail and remove all the blemishes, scratches and markings and take the items apart to fully clean them and restore them to enable professional cleaning to take place behind in the areas you can’t even see, generally trying to make it as good as,  if not better than new. We are here to train people how to care and restore leather the experts way and we are responsible for so many companies around the world today who have been to us for training courses”

Attention To Detail

Depending on your bespoke requirements, the exhaustive makeover routine comprises of removing items, like linings from jackets and handbags to ensure a deep clean and condition is carried out to the finest detail, All items that come in for cleaning undergo a painstaking cleaning system, that enables them to deliver to you only the highest service possible, not matched by any other. All leather items are painstakingly repaired and restored using the extensive range of Leather Repair Company products and systems. It’s a time consuming process and one that requires considerable expenditure as Richard freely admits. “It can be expensive but you get what you pay for,” he argues, “and afterwards there’s minimal time needed to keep your leather items looking its finest and maintained. Saving owners a great deal of time and effort and you’re getting expert advice and a professional service that can resolve many issues that inexperienced hands could actually make worse. The protection that’s applied to your leather items will work for a very long time.

Richard’s clients are a diverse bunch of folks, from all countries around the world, ranging from private individuals, to restoration companies, through to company owners, designers and TV celebrities. Keeping clients up to date with the progress of all works is an important part of Richard’s success in the leather industry, one he prides himself on. Clients can request progress reports as often as they wish, something Richard is more than willing to undertake, Richard states, “keeping clients in the know on items is extremely important, when considering some items have huge sentimental value as well as very high monetary values, we’re in constant contact with clients to make them feel happy and secure about entrusting such precious items with me,” says Richard, “We send as much information as we can as often as we can”

The Leather Repair Company doesn’t just clean and repair cars leather interiors, we handle an amazing array of objects, designer clothing, handbags, furniture, desks, music cases, golf bags, phone cases, and even famous tour busses,  yachts and helicopters. Richard’s a huge fan of leather it all began when he was a wee lad of just 14 after going to the USA and meeting some people who introduced him to the world of classic cars and the Harrah’s museum.

On taking a look around the training centre and studios I noticed some amazing artwork sketched onto leather, upon asking Richard what this was, I was blown away, Richard states, “This is a new company I have started called Sketched Leather, this is art on leather, we can within reason hand craft any design on leather for clients around the world, this was born out of a passion to excel in every way possible, by offering clients something very different and very unique that no other offers,” says Richard. “Can you imagine the looks you’ll get with a finely crafted zip hand drawn on the back of a leather jacket with an amazing sun set coming out of the zip or a beautiful paradise island.”

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Richard Hutchins Leather Repair Company Training Centre & College In Hull East Yorkshire