An active brand with a with an almost cult like following in England, is planning a massive global expansion. Richard Hutchins is planning its size in England, before going fully global with offices in the USA.

Hutchins told us that the company has the second largest range of leather care and repair products in the world and intends to make this known very quickly globally.

According to financials for the company they reported an increase in turnover by 49.765% in 2012 and the 2013 figures look to show another huge growth pattern of around 53% increase.

Hutchins pictured here at the head office of the Leather Repair Company

Hutchins is Leather Repair Company’s chief executive and the face of the company. Hutchins saying is “I Dream About My Work Then I Restore My Dreams”

The company sells all forms of leather care and repair products, to maintain and repair leather and vinyl items, like car interiors, boats, planes, yachts, furniture, jackets, shoes and handbags. At an average price of £15

” we sell three times more than many of our competitors and we been around longer than any other company today. We are a sleeping giant tucked away on the coast in Yorkshire, England and we weren’t shouting it to the world. But this is all about to change.”

He founded the company 30 years ago, when he was working for a company who owned a private collection of 150 classic cars, working on the cars all the time, friends and family members soon started to ask Hutchins if he could do work for them maintaining leather furniture, cars and jackets and he soon decided start his own brand Leather Repair Company offering leather repairs to customers, that’s when Leather Repair Company the brand was born.

Hutchins still considers himself as a products developer that’s why the company still offers many new products per quarter.

” The brand is my life and everything about its quality and the brands image is just me, Hutchins quietly mummers”

Leather Repair Company’s biggest presence is in England where it has three factory sites, two in Yorkshire and one in Northumberland.

In the USA, the Leather Repair Company is just about to open its first outlet in Texas, making the brand the largest of its kind in the world, Leather Repair Company is then looking to open more sites in Europe, once the US, is established over the next 24 months.

Leather Repair company continues it’s expansion in England, with its accreditation of the IMI Awards and the VBRA, the only company in  England in leather repairs to be approved as an official training centre for leather repairs.