Leather Repair Company Starts Offering Ex Service Men and Women Franchises With Incentives

The leather repair company owners have started a package just for ex service men and women wanting a change of career and to help them back in to normal society after years of dedicated services to the state fighting on the front line to defend our country.

The leather repair company normal franchise fee is £15,000 plus vat at the prevailing rate, then the monthly management fee is set at £450 per month plus vat, there are no other hidden costs.

Isn’t it time you took the leap and started earning the money you’ve always dreamed of?

Well at the Leather Repair Company we can give you the franchise to succeed. You get full training, sales leads and access to the very best products on the market.

With work hours to suit you and possible earnings of excess of £50k a year it’s easy to see why we’re one of the countries fastest growing franchises.

If you want to know more about how you can make people happy and change your future for the better then why not drop us a line today and make that change.

The Leather Repair Company want to give something back to these outstanding people and are offering them the opportunity to become a franchise owner of the fastest growing network of franchises in the UK in the last 10 years.

Hutchins (CEO of the Leather Repair Company said, ” I want to give back to society something to those who have defended our country for many years, we are offering them the opportunity of a franchise at just £8,000 plus vat and a monthly management fee of just £395 per month”

Hutchins has started that the company is set for even more rapid growth over the next few years and has had a huge influx of inquiries since announcing this initiative for ex service men and women.

Its a fantastic opportunity for ex service men and women to gain a franchise t a greatly reduced rate.

The leather repair company provide a mobile based and factory / workshop based business in the UK and are soon to be expanding internationally in to Europe first of all then in to the USA as America needs a company who can provide quality repairs and products at affordable prices.

If any ex service men and women are looking for a fantastic investment opportunity with the potential to earn in excess of £50,000 per year working only part time if they wanted then they can contact the company on  01482 606864  or by email to info@leatherrepaircompany.com

The company is set to expand its UK based operations in a big way in 2016 / 2016 and is looking to recruit as many ex service men and women as possible.

The company is able to provide all sorts of help and advice, from business management, accounts set up, business mentoring services, social media help and guidance.

Get a full information pack here for all ex service men and women