It is no wonder why Apple is the biggest phone company in the world,

It’s also no wonder why Real Madrid is the biggest football team in the world,


It is no wonder why Leather Repair Company is the go to company for all things leather…

All of them are ultimately run by individuals, but they all have several things in common…


They all have a winning mentality, they all have a team of experts around them, they all do their extreme best for the “customers” and most importantly, all of them constantly outperform and outgrow themselves and their competition.

The reasons for that are simple,

  • The winning mentality comes naturally but the awards reinforce it.
  • Teamwork results in an effortless business harmony.
  • Customer service is a must for referrals and repeat business.
  • Growth is addictive, but like the best wines… it took time to get it right!

The Leather Repair Company is no small outfit, started in 2005 by Richard Hutchins, with his visions and little voices in his head it has steadily grown in services, staff, awards, floor space, merchandise and now into franchising. Yes that’s right, this business model is so good and the growth so impressive that Richard has been allowed to replicate this route to success.

Having over 30 years’ experience IN leather and also 30 years working WITH leather Richard is the unique backbone of the business, but his enthusiasm, drive, and relentless professionalism never gets old, it becomes reassuring, and proof that his madness is what makes it work so well is evident… it is transferred, instilled and portrayed by all those in his team and those who own Leather Repair Company franchises.

If you have any questions about leather… what so ever, or would like to know more about a career/business prospects then get in touch, you can speak to anybody at LRC and they will give you the full uncut version of what the company is really like including a fun-to-read psychiatric evaluation of Richard, Also they will help further your research into what the industry is like and to help you understand if its right for you!

Any leather interests you may have, TeamLRC are a must have in your phone book or web browser.