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Leather Sofa Repairs


The leather sofa repairs company provide a full nationwide service to carry out leather sofa repairs, wit fully qualified technicians all around the UK.

The service is fully mobile along with workshops based around the UK, to undertake all types of repairs.

Being so well known in the UK, its no wonder why the Leather Sofa repairs company is the go to company for all types of leather sofa repairs.

This company offers a wide range of services as follows.

  • Scuff repairs
  • Tear repairs
  • Colour loss restorations
  • Cat scratches repaired
  • Spring replacements
  • Webbing replaced
  • Foam replacements

The leather sofa repairs company has a wealth of experience in the furniture industry, over the last 30 years they have built up an enviable reputation, that is respected not just in the UK, but by clients around the globe.

The leather sofa repairs company are one of the largest companies in the UK offering a fully mobile service, coming directly to peoples homes and places of work to carry out all types of leather and fabric restorations.

The leather sofa repairs company don’t just work on leather sofas, they also work no fabric upholstery  carrying out repairs to all types of fabric goods.

The leather sofa repairs company have thousands of shades of fabric swatches to pick from and thousands of leather colours to pick from.

The leather sofa repairs company can even change the colour of your leather sofa, so if you fancied a change in colour for your leather sofa to go with your new colour scheme in your home or office, this company can carry out this work, saving your thousands on replacing items.

The leather sofa repairs company believe its far better to  recycle an old item that’s already in great shape than to replace it, saving the clients thousands of pounds in the process.

You can contact the Leather Sofa Repairs Company as follows.

Tel 0845 257 2820