Leather Repair Company Launch The Finest Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer Ever.

The Leather Repair Company have launched an outstanding product to clean and condition carpets, soft tops roofs and all types of fabrics, from handbags to clothing to remove stains and ground in dirt and grime..

This carpet cleaner has been designed from years of research and testing to ensure it delivers the best results possible.

The Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer is capable of removing the most stubborn dirt and grime and tests have shown it will even remove engine oils from carpets and fabrics, producing the finest outstanding results ever seen.

Its a safe to use clear product that has powerful deep cleaning actions capable of removing the most ground in grime possible.

Its a simple product to use and can be sprayed on to the items to be cleaned then left to dwell for a short period and simply wiped away or for even better results use a vacuum to suck up any fluid or dirt and grime for a fresh sparkling new look to your carpets, fabrics and soft top roofs, this Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer will even remove make up stains from handbag linings giving them a brand new fresh look and smell.

The Hybrid Carpet Cleaner & Enhancer will deep clean all types of soft top roofs on modern cars and classic cars, removing all sorts of years of ground in grime and mould from the surface, giving your soft top roof a brand new look with the soft top roof made brighter and fresher again just like new.

You can contact the leather repair company by visiting the web site or call them on 01482 606864 for full details or to become a stockist of the range of care products they have to offer.