The Leather Repair Company who are based in Hull and have fast become the market leaders in handbag care and repairs

Have this week launched an amazing product for repairing handbags.

Does this look like your handbags ?

                        Before                                                     After 

Handbag Edage Repair damaged

This is the revolutionary Handbag Edge Filler and the handbag edge filler repair kit

Handbag Edge Repair Filler Handbag Edge Repair Kit

As we all know Ladies and Gents the edges of handbags can soon become damaged and then the handles start to give way causing even more damage and very costly repairs.

The clever boffins at the Leather Repair Company in conjunction with its sister company Leather Bag Repair have decided after a great deal of thought  to release to the public the revolutionary Handbag Edge Repair Kit.

You can buy the product direct from the companies web site by clicking the link below.

Handbag Edge Repair Kit

This is going to save people hundreds of pounds on costly repairs as it means you can carry out a very quick and simple repairs yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Handbag Edghe Repair System