The Leather Repair Company keep on expanding with its doors now open in Newark and serving all areas of Nottinghamshire and parts of Lincolnshire, you can contact them on 07508 900505

Nick who runs this franchise has a wealth of experience of business management and repairs for all types of leather items.

The Leather Repair Company in Nottingham can provide a fully mobile service coming directly to your home to carry out all repairs without the need to remove them from your home, providing you with a truly outstanding service.

Or you can have items restored in the purpose built factory workshop in Newark.


Leather Repair Newbury car seat beforeLeather Repair Newbury car seat after









Nick is able to carry out a great deal of repairs to furniture and car interiors, leather jackets and handbags, from a simple scratch, to tears, colour loss and full restorations including upholstery services, new springs, new foams and so much more.

Leather Repair Nottingham Office provides a fully mobile service, they come to you at home or work, Nick is a very experienced leather technician, covering all of Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas, like Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and many more areas.

The Leather Repair Nottingham office contact Nick on  07508 900505 

  • Professional Services
  • Fully Trained Technicians
  • Leather Repair Newark
  • Over 30 Years Joint Experience
  • Leather Repair Nottingham
  • Scuffs Repaired
  • Colour Restored

Nick provides a great deal of different services from a deep clean and condition of all your leather items, to a full restoration service, repairing cat scratches, colour loss, sun fading, tears, burns and colour changes as well as colour restoration services.

The service provided is fully mobile so all works can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. Or workshop based at the factory in Newark, Nottinghamshire

All the products used are environmentally safe to use and most are water based products, the products being applied to your leather are the same products used in the tannery originally to colour and dye your leather, so you know your getting the best possible service  using the best possible products that are all manufactured here in the UK.