The Leather Repair Company have launched E-Learning Leather repair Courses.

You can now learn leather repairs without leaving your home or office.

We understand how difficult it can be to get away from your own business or job to start a new trade or career, so the Leather Repair Company invented the worlds first e-learning training course for leather repairs.

This allows you to craft your own future at a time and pace that fits around your busy life styles and schedules.

Thee-learning course that is offered by the Leather Repair Company is a hands on training course along with a practical and written exam at the end , there are no time limits to completing this course and it can be done at your own pace.

You can access a knowledge base of documents for further help and to grow your knowledge within the Leather Repair industry visit the wiki files

.The course compete with a tester kit so you can carry out your exam and get to use some products and carry out repairs to complete the course and exam.

The e-learning course is fully certificated and you gain access to a closed group of technicians around the world to ask questions and gain further details and access to training manuals and even more videos and guides.