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Motorhome External Detailing & Protection

Motorhome surfaces are constructed from GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) or fibreglass as its more commonly known and is quite different to car paint as there is no separate top clear coat finish protecting the painted surface, therefore protecting the unprotected GRP from harsh UV rays is essential to avoid the oxidisation of the fibreglass (GRP) panels. Think of it like not protecting your skin from the suns UV rays, if unprotected your skin will become sun damaged and blister, the same principle applies to GRP which needs feeding and protecting annually with approved marine grade waxes, which will slow down the natural ageing of GRP, therefore retaining the gloss paint finish.

Looking after the external surfaces of your motorhome takes time and lots of effort and to do safely and correctly. Here at Why Queue Vehicle Valeting & Detailing we use a safe platform tower to reach the difficult roof and over hanging cab areas and we never use a long reach brushes which can not only leave fine scratches on your GRP paintwork, but will also easily scratch your delicate plastic windows. We only recommend you use soft luxury car wash mitts and detailing brushes to carefully clean and detail your motorhome seals and vents. Our most popular service popular is our annual Meguiars wax protection valet which ensures every aspect of your motorhome external surface (including all roof hatches, window apertures and cab door areas) are thoroughly detailed and cleared of loose debris before any marine grade wax is applied which will thoroughly protect the GRP surfaces for another 12 months uv exposure and slow down oxidisation and yellowing of the panels

Many clients use our wax service on an annual basis, not only because they simply don’t have the time or energy to clean their motorhome to a high standard but also they are unable to reach the roof area which we feel is the most important part of the cleaning process, because if the sides are clean and the roof is not you will simply find that the roof will grow algae and form black mould spots, which creates water which is contaminated with micro organisms which will create the dreaded black streaks on the sides of your motorhome which only look unsightly but if left for too long will permanently mark your motorhome surfaces, they would then require machine correction to remove from the surface, just like bird droppings create clearcoat burns if not removed from your cars paintwork.

If you are interested further in our full range of motorhome detailing & protection services, please see our website or contact us directly for more information.


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Thank you to Richard Lister of Whyqvv for this post