Club #LRCUK for free support

Little Rewards Count was started by Richard Hutchins with a view to helping companies all over the world that has now been made into a hash tag on twitter #lrcuk

we are starting a special hash tag for Twitter when you use the hash tag #lrcuk we will pick a very lucky winner on Tuesday and we will re tweet that tweet to the world,  we will post the tweet on LinkedIn, Facebook and screen shot it and post it on pinterest, instagram.

But most importantly we will write a short blog post for every winner, about your business, this gives your increased exposure as the blog gets around 15,000 views a day and this is increasing every day, the increased awareness this can create for your business is amazing, the sales and exposure you can get is outstanding.

Every Monday between the hours of 7pm and 9pm we want you to tweet us using the hash tag #lrcuk is short for Little Rewards Count


Only do one tweet during those hours / time slot, don’t get others to re tweet it, it won’t help you, don’t moan if you’re not picked it looks bad.

With your tweet try to be you, sell your services, be funny, have fun, include your web site address if you wish.

The amount of new followers you can gain from twitter would come in handy to promote your business and services to the world.

Don’t forget Little Rewards Count so hash tag it #lrcuk

A web site for Little Rewards Count is coming the site is going to be a portal for media exposure, blogs, interactive on line media, learning, offers, business start-up advice and so much more.

If you want to be a part of this, then get in from the start. and start building the hash tag #lrcuk

Join in and gain that exposure you want in life.